Friday, January 8, 2010

I Got a New Camera!

I'm so excited! Mr. UPS braved our grand snow yesterday to bring me my new camera. (More on that story below...) So I'll be able to take my first "Pink Saturday" pictures with it! That is, if I can get it figured out in time. If not, I'll use my trusty old Sony.

Note on the UPS delivery: Our UPS delivery man also delivers to my husband's workplace, so Hubby intercepted my package ~ just in case the UPS man couldn't make it way out to our house through the snow ~ then called me to come there to pick it up. (Thanks Hubby!) So, I'm the brave one. I trudged through the blinding ;) snow to get my new camera. To tell the truth, we just got a little dusting. By hey, this is Alabama. All the schools closed around here just because snow was forcasted!


  1. Oh Gosh...this is REALLY the one I wanted. But I settled on a Panasonic LUMIX. I love it! Soooo hard to decide what to get. After all the research & comparing values we were dizzy from the information!

    Happy Clicking!


  2. Congrats on ur new cam-cool one aint it?and its beautiful -i got a new one too -the first digi cam gifted by my parents -jus a basic cannon but loving it tooo.....
    And u know what for a few days old blog ur doing so so so so good-infact excellent....u have 13 followers in a few days and so many wonderful bloggers leaving u a hi too!!!!
    Honestly me took a more than jus a few weeks to get even a little hi(actually began blogging in september when was gifted this laptop -my first personal computer)...

  3. Nice Camera. I'm going to invest one day in a better digital camera or else I have to resurect my old SLR Minolta.Good grief go back to film? No, I will wait and stick to my basic little picture taking camera. Cant wait to see your pictures. Have a great day,


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