Sunday, January 10, 2010

I've been sewing ...

Winter can sometimes be a dull, colorless season. Wanting to put a little color into my life, I pulled out my trusty old Singer (which is about the same age as me!), and made myself some colorful, happy skirts! I'll be posting pictures of the skirts as I wear them. But, I am no model, as you will soon find out.


  1. Hi, Sherry,
    I have the greatest admiration for those who can sew. I love your sewing machine, too. I am a little late getting around to Pink Saturday so please forgive me. I enjoyed seeing that sweet birthday card. Welcome to Pink Saturday, and I hope you have a terrific Sunday and upcoming week! Vicki

  2. I love anyone who can sew! My friend helped me tremendously and made my cute half apron for the giveaway on my blog. I wish I had sewing skills like like late sister and my middle sister. My mom was not much of a seamstress either. I want to see your skirts! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Hi Sherry! I'm no model either, but people seem to tolerate me! (0; I'd love to get my machine out too, but feel good about finally getting around to a little crocheting! Can't wait to see the skirts you made! ~tina


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