Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Thank you for stopping by my place on my first REDnesday, I am honored to have you as a visitor.

I am thrilled to show the beautiful apron I won on CC's recent giveaway. I love the red scallops! But, not only did CC send the lovely apron...

She also sent along these sweet treats...

I was wondering, CC, did you make the sucker and pin cushion?

Here's a close-up of the card. Aren't the red tulips pretty? I love tulips...I can't wait until spring! Thank you CC for all the special gifts. It really made my day when the mail lady brought my little package. You are so sweet!

Now, a few more red pictures:
For some reason I have always loved chickens. My granddaddy raised chickens and rabbits when I was a little girl. You're probably picturing him living on a farm, but no, he lived right in the middle of town, three houses up the street from us! I'm sure he was a favorite with his next door neighbors. He raised bantam chickens. We call them "bantys" or most likely "bannys" in the south. Well, Pawpaw gave me my own pair of bannys, a hen and a rooster, when I was about 12 years old. My daddy built me a little pen for them, and I loved them so much! I wouldn't let my family gather the eggs for eating. I let the hens hatch them out and I ended up with 16 chickens! I kept them all until one day I was watering them, and I let the slippery water jar, a Mason canning jar, slip out of my hand and it landed on one of the little chicks! I won't describe the scene before my 12 year old eyes, but believe me, it was traumatizing! I couldn't stand to go back to my little chicken pen after that. I gave Pawpaw's pair of chickens back to him plus an interest payment of 14 chicks. But, I guess I got over that early-life trauma, because I talked sweet Neil into building me a chicken house after we married and he moved me to the country. We now have three hens and this red-combed rooster...

I like chickens; real and plastic. These planters are waiting out the winter in my greenhouse. Can't you just imagine them cleaned up and filled with red geraniums? Hurry up Spring!

For my last REDnesday contribution, a little color from my front yard. We planted these Nandina bushes a few years ago, just for their winter color. The red berries just seem to glow this time of year, adding some much needed cheerfulness to the gray winter days.

For a complete list of REDnesday participants, just click here to link to Sue's blog. Again, I want to thank you for coming by for my first REDnesday. It would make me so happy if you leave me a comment to let me know you visited. Please come back soon, I love visitors!


  1. A great post for your firs Rednesday! Love the chickens and all you wonderful gifts. I also love tulips!

  2. Hi sweet Sherry,
    I'm so happy you finally got your package..and that you liked what was in it. The red scalloped apron was one of my favorites..I just love the shape of it. Yes,I did make the pincushion..it was one of my first attempts at doing one in that manner, and no,I didn't make the heart sucker. Tho,now that you mention it, it would have been fairly easy to do so as I have lots and lots of candy molds.
    I too loved little banney chickies. They're so tiny and sweet and adorable. I used to love to just play ever so gently with them..they're just so teeny.
    If you embroidery...when I was going through this box of patterns..and these stacks of patterns..I have some chickens and roosters patterns...I'll let you know when I post them. I think they would be so sweet for tea towels... xxxxx CC

  3. Great Red post! Fun giveaway gift for you! How cool is that?

  4. Hi Sherry,
    REDnesday...never heard of it but might have to join in next week. Love your pretty apron...and I'm a big fan of chickens too:-) Hope you have a beautiful day!!!

  5. Great job on your first Rednesday post!! Love the chickens and the apron. Both would love great in my kitchen. Stop by to see!

  6. Loved your post! I totally agree with you about those Nandinas.I always snip off a few to use at Christmas or, really, all year...There are even dried ones in the basket in one of my photos today!Glad you stopped by and Happy First Rednesday to you!

  7. I,too, love chickens! Always have! Welcome to Rednesday! Blessings!

  8. Hi Sherry! That was such a great story, and I have always loved chickens too! I would love to have just a couple of real ones, but it would be against the law here, so instead I have lots of fake ones, inside and out!
    Happy REDnesday!

  9. Love your rooster and your Nandina is so pretty! Happy Rednesday!

    Susan and Bentley

  10. Love your chickens!!

    Great red post.

    Thanks for coming by


    barbara jean

  11. Luv that sweet RED vintage apron...HAPPY REDNESDAY!


  12. Beautiful "redness"! :-) I love the Nandina berries, we should planet some of those. Happy Rednesday!

  13. Welcome to REDnesday and such a lovely post you put together of RED goodies in the mail. It is always fun to get little packages from blogland.
    While here I scrolled on down the page to see what's up. Lovely deep blue vase with the yellow flower is so pretty in the sunshine, and then the soft pink rose, and the red birds in the snow.
    I look forward to sharing REDs in the future and hope you come by any chance you think about me.
    Warm RED Blessings ;-)

  14. Hi Sherry, I love your story about the chickens. Sometimes the hard realities are shocking, aren't they? I'm glad you have chickens--they are sort of comforting and sweet. We're getting pounded with our first(!) really heavy snowstorm-at least 18" and still coming down! another storm due tomorrow. That's Feb. in Massachusetts! Thank you for stopping by and visiting Rustique Gallery! I enjoyed your comment. Sherry

  15. That card is gorgeous and so is everything else! Thanks so much for the nice comment you left! I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I have!

  16. Hey, Happy 1st REDnesday,
    Sherry! This is my 2nd REDnesday ;) I love chickens...my DH does, too. When we move when he retires, we want to live where we can have a few chickies and a donkey.
    Your planters are darling and I can imagine them with red geraniums in them. Sweet.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  17. Oh, I forgot to congratulate you on winning CC's giveaway. Nice!

  18. Welcome to Rednesday! And what a great first post! I love the apron from CC! And your chickens are great "reds"!

    Happy Rednesday!

  19. That apron is so gorgeous!! I would feel very chic wearing one like that around the house... ;)

  20. Lovely red post! And how lucky you are to win such a great giveaway. Thanks for stopping by on Pink Saturday!

  21. Hi Sherry! Welcome to Rednesday! Congrats on your winnings. There's something about chickens that are so likeable! Can't wait to see your flower-filled planters!

  22. Lucky to to win some fun red goodies!

    I just love those plastic chicken planters!

    Happy First Rednesday!

  23. Yes, I think red geraniums would be perfect for those chickens. Adorable!

  24. Congrats on the wonderful Red Win !
    I have a pet chicken named Barbie,she is a Barred Rock hen.
    Great Post !


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