Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to Normal

I had a great weekend! I got to spend it with my WHOLE family! My youngest child, Taylor, and 16 other young people graduated from our homeschool covering on Saturday. My daughter, Heather, and her husband, Matt, came home from Indiana to join in on the celebration. I wanted to get a picture of my smiling crew while they were all here:

L-R: Taylor (the graduate), Preston (my oldest son), daughter Heather, and son-in-law Matt. Thank you for humoring mom and smiling for the camera. You didn't know your picture would end up on my blog did you?

And now with life pretty much back to normal it's time to turn the calendar page. I was excited when I turned the page from April to May and saw the reminder to "Enjoy the Simple Things." I tried to do just that last month. Sometimes it's not easy to do. I get too busy and let life get complicated.

But May was a super month with lots of simple activities. Neil and I got outside with our family and planted the garden and caught up on some "home" chores. We even took the time to make a freezer of ice cream. How simple is that? So, I now turn the calendar from May...

...to June.

And the June page reminds me of the blessings of summer-living in the country. I plan to take advantage of country living as much as possible this summer. I hope to have more at-home days. I hope to make it more like the lazy-hazy days of summer I remember as a child. Days when family spent time together. My children may be grown but it's never too late to make new memories.

I hope to find time to work on a few home projects this month too. I like to keep some type of handwork by my chair to work on in the evenings~ my remedy for falling asleep during a good movie. Here's what I've started...

I've never made a granny-square afghan before and these colors are not typical for me, mainly because there is no pink there...yet. I plan to use the afghan in our camper. Right now the camper's interior colors are pretty neutral, so I could go either way with my decorating. I'm still debating about whether I should go with the bright, energizing colors I've started with in my blanket or use the soft, soothing pastels that I have throughout my home. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.


  1. Hey! I saw your comment on Antiqumajik where Georgiana featured her teapot cozy - I laughed with her b/c I started a hat years ago and it just kept getting wider and wider. Never have picked up the art of crochet just b/c of that. Enjoyed your post about you family and hey, we had a 5th wheel Avion (no longer) ... nice camper you have! Take care, Jenn

  2. Oh, the memories flood ... Mother used to make these granny squares into afghans all the time ... lovely!

    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. What a joy it would be if everyone would enjoy the simple things....and stop hunting for something they're never going to find....and be happy with what they have. Trish

  4. Wonderful to have all your family together like that and a lovely one you have!!

  5. You should make two afghans cause you can never have too many blankets in the camper...and make one with pink in it. You know you want to ;)

  6. Hi...thank you so much for visiting today! Your family is beautiful and your blog is so wonderful ~ looking forward to catching up!

  7. You post was most interesting. You featured such a variety of things that I really enjoyed. You are one busy lady. I have an afghan with that design on it.

  8. Yay! Another crocheter! Isn't it just the best way to get in the zone and be nearly mindless? ;)
    Your kids and s-i-l are beautiful.
    Congrats to your son.

  9. Great family photo. Congrats to the graduate. Today is officially the last day of school for my boys. And my last day of work is June 13th. Woo hoo! I still haven't mastered a granny square. That's one of my summer projects. I love the brilliant colors of your project and think you should make "home away from home" vibrant and wonderful. Nice to have a totally different environment sometimes. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your week. Tammy

  10. well if it were up to me,, i like to coordinate with my home, because if you ever have a need to use it at home, it will blend in wonderfully!

    that being said, sometimes it's nice to work with different colours than you're used to using...

    so you get an either or, eiher way vote from me!

    that's not much of a help now, is it? lol

    love your calendar pages...they suit the colourful afgan yarns!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  11. goodluck with the granny square rug!


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