Friday, July 2, 2010

Red, White, and Blue Pink Saturday

Dear America,
Did you know you share a birthday with a very special man? My loving daddy will turn 79 years old on July 4th. My family will join other family members and friends for an early celebration on the 3rd. We're going to cook out and make ice cream. I've already got the cake baked and ready to go!

I made a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. The pinwheel decoration was made from a free printout from Skip To My Lou.

Don't forget to join Beverly, our Pink Saturday hostess, for this Red, White, and Blue Pink Saturday.


  1. So special! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and happy B-Day to your day!

  2. Did you say carrot cake? With cream cheese icing? Nothing better.....Happy 4th and Happy birthday to your Dad. Gerry

  3. Happy 4th of July, Sherry and Happy Birthday to your daddy! Love the cake!

  4. Yummy looking carrot cake, Sherry! A big Happy Birthday to your Dad and Happy Pink ~ July 4th weekend to you all!


  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad as well as our amazing country!

    I looooooove carrot cake and yours looks so festive with the pin wheel.

    Have a happy Pink Saturday and a great 4th!

  6. I hope you and your family have a happy and wonderful 4th of July. Happy Birthday to your father, love the cupcake girlfriend. Very festive and perfect for the party. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  7. Happy Pink Saturday!! and Happy Birthday to your father!!!

  8. Love the cake! Where do you get the energy. Thanks for letting me know I reversed my answers, ha!

    Happy PS,

  9. Happy birthday to Father, Sherry ... may his, & your, day be full, warm & fabulous. Celebrate with vigor!

    Happy 4th.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. Hi Sherry! Oh, happy birthday to your dear daddy! Have a wonderful celebration!
    Did I tell you I was born in Fort Payne? We moved to Texas when I was 13 but still have lots of relatives there.
    Have a wonderful 4th and be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. Happy Birthday to your Dad, love the cake. Carrot is my favorite. Have a wonderful celebration of birthdays.

  12. I would love to have a slice of that cake. I am just hanging around the house for the holiday as I do not like crowds and fireworks. Take care and enjoy being with your family.

  13. My favorite cake, yummy! Have a wonderful 4th of July celebration!

  14. Happy PiNk, Sherry...

    Sounds like a fun gathering and the homemade ice cream! Yumm-e!!

    My Dad is 79 now...thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I turned 52 this mind is 20 but my body is all confused..LOL

    Have a grand weekend,
    Stephanie ♥

  15. I love carrot looks so patriotic ..Hop yuo have afafe and enjoyable $th of July

  16. That is my favourite cake but I have never seen it look so festive and pretty! Have a big piece for me!

    Happy 4th and Happy Birthday to your Dad too.

    Best wishes,

  17. How wonderful! My dad's birthday is today too!!! And I love carrot cake. Happy Birthday to your daddy!

  18. How cute! I love the patriotic girl! Happy Birthday to your Daddy and the cake sounds delish!


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