Friday, September 10, 2010

Remembering Sweet CC on this Pink Saturday

The world is a little less pink this Saturday because of the loss of one of our dear Pink Saturday friends. However, CC was such a happy soul that I don't think she would approve of us mourning our loss, but would, instead, want us to carry on her tradition of spreading joy and encouraging others. So, in honor of CC this day I will give away more smiles, reach out a hand to someone else, and try to be an encouragment to others.

To a Friend
by Grace Stricker Dawson

You entered my life in a casual way;
And saw at a glance what I needed;
There were others who passed me or met me each day,
But never a one of them heeded.
Perhaps you were thinking of other folks more,
Or chance simply seemed to decree it;
I know there were many such chances before,
But the others - well, they didn't see it.

You said just the things that I wished you would say,
And you made me believe that you meant it;
I held up my head in the old gallant way,
And resolved you should never repent it.
There are times when encouragement means such a lot,
And a word is enough to convey it;
There were others who could have, as easy as not -
But, just the same, they didn't say it.

There may have been someone who could have done more
To help me along, though I doubt it;
What I needed was cheering, and always before
They had let me plod onward without it.
You helped to refashion the dream of my heart,
And made me turn eagerly to it;
There were others who might have (I question that part)-
But, after all, they didn't do it.

You may visit CC's blog here and the list of other Pink Saturday participants here.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful tribute to our dear friend. I am having a hard time accepting how fast we lost her. She would have been very pleased with your post.

  2. This is lovely. I am so heartbroken for her family.
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know this dear one, but will be remembering her family in prayer. This is nice of you to pay her this tribute.
    Shelia ;)

  4. Such a sweet tribute. I went by in the afternoon and left a note for her family.
    xo bj

  5. Wonderful tribute
    to CC. I've included
    her in my PS post today.

    A somber post but full
    of remembrance.

    I'm finally finding time
    to get back to my blogging
    and visiting. I've missed
    everyone so much.

    Stephanie ♥

  6. Oh Sherry... This was beautiful!! God bless you for this wonderful tribute to our dear friend CC! ((hugs)) ~tina

  7. Good Morning Karen..thank you for inspiring heartfelt post..
    Soar CC
    ...Happy Pink Saturday Blessings Denise

  8. What a sweet tribute to our CC. I don't think I will ever look at a Sunbonnet Sue without thinking about her now. Have a peacefull Pink Saturday!

  9. What a wonderful tribute to CC! She was a very sweet woman and I always enjoyed reading her blog!

    Happy PS,

  10. What a beautiful tribute to CC! Whenever we see a Sunbonnet Sue, it'll be like CC is saying Hello to us!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  11. I loved all her sunbonnet sue patterns...she was a sweet heart. Trish

  12. I visited CC's blog today for one last visit. I became a follower of her blog today. I meant to do so on earlier visits there, but never did. Life was too busy it seems. So I hope that CC's family will see it and at least know by her followers that she was a well thought og lady. Thank you for sharing your thoughts for CC today.

  13. CC would drop by to visit every now and then and always left a sweet comment. She will be so missed and your tribute is so nice. ~

  14. Sherry, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I had visited her blog and am just saddened to hear of her passing. Twyla


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