Sunday, December 26, 2010

Home Alone

Our church services were cancelled today because of our inch of snow left over from yesterday ~ don't laugh my northern sisters, this is Alabama ~ so with pockets full of Christmas money, my guys have hit the icy road to the nearest Bass Pro Shop.  Thus, I am home alone.  I can't decide what I want to do first.  Maybe pull out my long neglected watercolors and make some original New Year's greeting cards to send to friends whom I never got around to sending Christmas cards to~shame on me! Or...

...start the embroidery part of my tea towels.  I've finished up the crocheted edging on both towels and they are awaiting their colorful embroidery. Or...

....maybe I'll just visit the candy bowl while I'm trying to decide.


  1. Each option looks good.
    I'll meet you at the candy bowl.:)

  2. Sometimes its good to be alone especially when you have some projects you can work on without being bothered with "honey*do" things.
    Yep, thats the way to do it, chocolate and being creative.

    I hear you, we here in mid Ga got 2 inches so almost everything closed.

    Enjoy your snow day!

  3. evil evil chocolate lOL

  4. How wonderful to have some peace after the hustle and bustle of Christmas. I say the candy bowl looks most inviting so be careful not to get chocolate on your tea towels. I have a red velvet cake calling me name.

  5. I have on my to-do list for the new year, to learn to watercolor. I have had a large watercolor paper sitting on a no longer wanted art desk that belonged to my daughter just waiting for me to give it a try. I have found a few how-to's on the internet and I think I should just take the plunge and put some paint on the paper.

    How I would love to learn to paint but time always gets in the way.

    Sending very Happy New Year wishes to YOU!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful SNOW day !

    Happy New Year !

  7. I say head for the chocolate!!!!! As someone who has lived her entire life in Western New York, it's so funny to hear that an inch of snow shuts down a city. But I guess since you don't get snow you are not really prepared for it. Oh to be so lucky, ha!



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