Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is This the Year?

Is this the year for a White Christmas in Pleasant Valley?  The closest we have ever come to a white Christmas was a few flurries early one Christmas morning several years ago.  But!!! We have snow in our forecast for Christmas this year!!! It's iffy right now whether it will be rain or snow for us, but I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas just like the ones I see on our Christmas cards...


  1. We have a 30% chance of flurries/snow showers here in Philly! Here's hoping all of your Christmas wishes come true-enjoy:@)

  2. I just heard they are saying snow here in!

  3. Hi Sherry! Good luck on the snow! We are supposed to have a white Christmas too and that's not very common for us here in S. Missouri. I loved all the cards you shared today. Also Love the tea towels you are making! The afghan that was in the picture was very pretty too! Did you make that? I am so thankful that I got to know you this year. I think of you as one of the most inspirational ladies I know. I even made my best friend some of your homemade deodorant for Christmas! Thanks for that! Wishing you and your family a warm, blessed Christmas! Twyla

  4. Sending Christmas wishes your way! Xoxoxo

  5. What gorgeous Card... we are having a White Christmas here,, with some really cold days..... hope you get your White Christmas...

    Merry Christmas;



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