Monday, December 13, 2010

Live Joyfully ~ Believe Completely ~ Give Generously ~ Celebrate Lovingly

Our home is simply decorated and the gifts are all bought, wrapped and lovingly placed under the tree. My Christmas wrapping paper gives me such a beautiful reminder with each gift I wrap to live joyfully, believe completely, give generously, and celebrate lovingly. 

We had a cold weekend, yes, in Alabama!  We even have snow on the ground this morning! Just a dusting, but that's more than we normally get. Sunday was my favorite kind of day.  Sweet hubby, my two sons, and I came home after church to a warming fire glowing in the fireplace, chili in the crockpot, and cheese cake in the fridge.  After our comforting lunch we enjoyed a relaxing day in front of the fireplace while watching the snow swirling around outside.   

But a business trip has taken my sweetheart on a trip to Texas this week.  I'm hoping to get several projects done while he's away.  I tried to wrangle permission from him to do whatever projects I came up with while he was gone, but he never quite said yes.  That's because he knows what happens when the cat's away...


  1. Sherry I love to see the mice play! Have fun!

  2. Love the message on your wrapping paper. Hard to believe you are having swirling snow in Alabama. I say play, play, play and have fun! Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Hahaha! Too cute! I wish I could help with your projects. I bet the two of us mice could get into some things :)

    I'm looking forward to our Christmas visit! See you soon.


  4. Hi Sherry; What a lovely way to spend the day; and I love your tea cart just gorgeous, and your fireplace makeover,,... Love it.... I painted my dark bricks a creamy white,,, so much better....have a great week..


  5. Dear Sherry, I hope you dont get in to too much trouble while your hubby is gone..
    Your choice of wrapping paper is just perfect!
    Merry Christmas...
    /Shirley & Cupid

  6. When my husband is away, I shop! I figure if he's away making money, I can be home spending it. Hope you get lots done.

  7. He didn't say 'No' tho, so technically....go for it......hehehehe


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