Monday, February 28, 2011

Glorius Monday!

We had a beautiful weekend with perfect sunny 70 degree weather. But the weatherman is threatening us with severe weather today. Even chances of tornadoes.

So, I'm up at an early 5:30 to get a jump on the weather. First I sit down and enjoy a comforting breakfast and quiet time with my sweetie before he goes off to work. Then I throw in a load of laundry and

take my daily walk, quite a bit early today. I have the wind for my walking companion. It gives me gentle, playful little pushes as I walk toward the end of our road but when I turn around to start back it becomes quite the prankster. It gets in front of me, making my walk a bit of a challenge.

Being energized from my outing, I stop to enjoy the sight of
the new signs of spring in our front yard, the cherry trees are bursting with new buds and even some blooms.

I decide to pick a few of my daffodils to bring inside on this cloudy, blustery day. 

I also cut a few sprigs of blooms from my forsythia bush.

Lastly, I tuck in a little bunch of berries from my nandina bush. It's a reminder to me that we'll still have more cold weather.  We have Blackberry Winter and Easter Snap still to go.  But the cheerful spot of red also reminds me that there is beauty in every season if I just look for it.

After dropping my bouquet into a vase, letting it arrange its self, I set the cheerful spot of sunshine on my breakfast room table and then go about finishing up the rest of my chores.

With the laundry all done up and the vacuuming finished, I go around opening up my windows to let the wind bring in some fresh air.  As I open the windows I hear the cows lowing out in the pasture.  They seem to sense changes in the weather.  I hear my wind chimes playing their praise songs to God.  While putting supper in the slow cooker I look into the dining room to see the wind playing with the lace curtains.  

Now with my chores finished and supper cooking, I can get along to my playtime.  I have several little sewey projects I'd like to do today.  I'll start with a pampering project for me.  I pull out some left over flannel scraps to make myself some soft cheery little hankies to tuck in my pocket for the coming spring allergy season. 

I hope you are having a lovely beginning to your new week too.  Thanks for stopping by to visit with me.
~ Sherry ~

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  1. You've just made my case of Spring Fever even worse! I love the bouquet that you assembled from your walk, and I hope there are no tornadoes today!

  2. Oh the weather is turning bad here today. Before it does that I think I'll go pick a few of my Daffodils for inside. I need the yellow to brighten up my Monday.

  3. Sounds like a perfect start to the day.Hope the rest of the day is just as wonderful.

  4. Oh my!! We're having a GORGEOUS snowing day--clusters of snow falling. Children out and playing in the fluffy stuff ;)
    Rhonda in Montreal, Canada

  5. I'm so jelous..the pictures I posted today are so very opposite of your pictures..I envy you..

  6. Good morning Sherry. Thank you for visiting me at Simplify. I am so glad you did, as it allowed me to find you! I am your newest follower. I shall be back!!! Lovely flowers!!

  7. Your blog is so cute! We Alabama girls need to stick together. I am your newest follower!


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