Thursday, March 24, 2011

How Simple Can It Be?

I have a mission: Enjoy my life.
I have a plan: Simplify my life so that I have more time to enjoy it.
I bring to you Step 1 of my simplifying efforts.
Step 1:
Simplify my grooming routine.
I bought new dish cloths to clean my face with because they're scrubbier than my washcloths.  Before bedtime every night I simply wet a cloth in warm water and wash my face.  No soap to dry it out.  My skin seems to love it.  Then I moisturize with a little dab of coconut oil.  No, I don't buy organic oil from a health food store.  I'm going for simple.  I buy plain ol' coconut oil from Walmart.  It's on the shelf with all the other cooking oils.  Again, my skin seems to love it.

In the morning I splash my face with a little warm water (it wakes me up), dry it, and apply my makeup for the day: face powder and lipgloss.  (I love the Lacura powder from Aldi!)

Now I'm ready to face the new day.

Are you a simple groomer too?  I'd love to hear about it!

I'll be back soon with Step 2 in my simplifying efforts.  In the meantime, I'm off to ENJOY my day!

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  1. I am a very simple groomer! I wash my face with just warm water or sometimes use Cetaphil and then a light moisturizer. Hardly any makeup. Eyebrow powder cause mine are so light and sometimes face powder. That's it. Very simple!

  2. I'll have to try the coconut oil! I use olive. I use a hot wash cloth then splash my face with cold water to close up the pores. This really helps me to wake up in the morning! I then use the oil adding vitamin E stick to my eye area. I do this day and night. I use an apricot scrub a couple times a week, too.

    I hardly ever wear any type of face make up because no matter what kind I've used, I always break out at least a bit. I tend to wear face make up if I have a date because I have a real blotchy skin tone but I always end up having more acne scars to add to the mix after ward! Ack! I'm almost 50- can't these pimples stop?

    I have very pale lips so I wear at least a bit of pink lip gloss every day and I wear at least one coat of mascara on my top lashes and a few swipes of eye brow pencil for my fading brows. I'm glad they're not grey but they're still not as thick and dark as they once were. I usually only wear eye shadow if it's a date day or on the week ends when I'll be talking with my hubby a lot. He always comments on my eyes and I like that. :) Well, that's probably more than you wnated to know! Ha-ha!

    Have a great and simple day, Sherry! ♥

  3. What a wonderful tip. I am going to try the coconut oil. I have to admit I use soap and water. I think the oil is a great idea and so are the scrubbies. Char

  4. Bonsoir Sherry
    SOOO nice to meet you.
    Guess what? I also use coconut oil in my simple routine. I've always taking good care of my face, but recently discovered coconut oil and bee's wax cream.
    Oh naturel I say.
    Glad I found you Ms Alabama. I'm from Canada.
    My girls have been asking me to do a "make-up" day on my blog. I like yours. You have given me some ideas.
    Happy Pink Saturday. You look like a pinky girl : )
    Love Claudie

  5. Happy pink saturday, sugar. DO enjoy your day.

    I love makeup and use it, but I'm allergic to a lot of them so I have to use Almay.


  6. I've got you beat! A cold washcloth is all I use in the mornings! Don't wear makeup - never have! My mother didn't allow us to wear makeup when we were younger and I just never got in the habit.

  7. I Found you on Skip to my Lou this morning, and am I glad I did! I love your blog! I also love pink, pins, crochet and embroidery, and good recipes. I had a great time perusing your blog, and have become your newest follower. I am a simple girl when it comes to skin care too. I am going to try your coconut oil, because I have dry skin. I have always wanted a pink kitchen too, but with light gray walls, and pink and gray accents, and , of course, pink appliances!

    Hugs and Happy Crafting,


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