Saturday, April 30, 2011

All's Well in Pleasant Valley

We are getting back to "normal" on this beautiful spring day God has blessed us with.

My freshly washed laundry is hanging outside in the wonderful sunshine.

Our electricity and water have been restored.

We are counting our blessings.

Note: My own Pleasant Valley was hit by the 100+ mph winds on Wednesday morning.  Huge trees were uprooted the entire length of our little country road, but no one was injured and only minor damage was done to any homes here. We had no damage to our home at all.  We watched out our kitchen door as trees were being uprooted and broken in two across the road, but my hanging baskets were not even blown off my front porch.  God is good.

Later, that same day, a community less than five miles from us was hit with a tornado.  Homes, a little country store, and a church were blown away, and there were many injuries and a few deaths. But, there are also many, many, reports of miracles that occurred. You may not hear the reports on tv of the man (a fellow high school classmate of mine) that was standing on his front porch when the tornado hit.  He and his porch were picked up and moved to safety before his house was taken.  My sister-in-law's niece and her child took shelter in a room in their home, the only part of their house that was left after the storm was that room.  

Many miracles have occurred and neighbors and community ~ near and far~  are helping each other with a compassion you might not see on your tv screen.  There is much good among the bad.  

I want to thank everyone for your prayers,comments, and emails for your Alabama friend.
You make me feel so loved!


  1. Glad things are back to normal in Pleasant Valley. Still no power here in Leeds.

  2. I am still praying but you are so right that God is so very good! I wish you much love and many blessings today and always. Thank you for sharing. My co worker is from Japan and she tells stories the news does nit share either. Anne Frank was right! There is so much good in people! Hugs Anne

  3. Praying for the return of pink days for Alabama and all those effected by the terrible storms.

  4. Hi Sherry, I have been thinking about you and am glad to know that all is well. I lived in Tuscaloosa in 88-89 and then Columbus, MS from 89-90 which is only an hour away. It is devasting to see what they are going through. My brother is in Jones County MS but I don't think there was much damage in his area. There is always good with the bad; we just don't hear it often enough. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  5. Happy Pink Saturday!!!

    I am glad to hear that you came through it with little damage. My mother-in-law and sister live in AL so I know its been an awful week. I am greatful all is well and my thoughts are with the families that have gone through so much.

    Have wonderful day and a blessed week!!
    Warm Regards, CindyLew

  6. Hi Sherry God bless you and your family!
    Take care!


  7. Sherry, it is good to know that you are okay and that there is caring and compassion abounding in these stricken areas. Thank you for your update and praise the Lord you are okay. Love to you, Twyla

  8. Wow! Glad to see you're doing okay! The storms were unbelievable! How unnerving and scary!
    Your pink towel is darling by the way.
    Happy P.S.

  9. So glad that you are safe Sherry. Prayers lift still ... love wash flapping on a clothesline.

    Have a beautiful PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  10. I am so happy you are O.K. I have relatives in Birmingham, but the worse part missed them.
    Thank God for His Mercy! He is good all the time.
    Blessings on you and yours,

  11. the Lord Bless you! I'm so glad to hear that there is such good among mankind there. Neighbor helping neighbor... love it!

  12. I am SO happy you all are ok. I can't even imagine standing at the kitchen door and watching those events unfold! What a blessing yall are untouched and ok. I love hearing the miracles that have come out of this.
    I also love your hanging laundry! There is nothing like the smell of sun-dried items. Stay safe and Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Hi Sherry...we don't have Tornado's in Australia so i have no real comprehension of what you have gone through but I can only assume that they are the scariest thing on this earth. I am glad you and yours are safe and my heart goes out to those who were less fortunate. Thankyou for sharing with us on Pink Saturday and yes I too love clean washing on the line.

  14. So thankful your area was spared from this devastation. It is nice seeing your laundry hanging outside on a line. I wish I still had one. Your cloths smell and feel so nice after being dried outside.

  15. Thank goodness you, your family and your home are ok. And that shot of your clothesline just made my day. So lovely, and a real sign that things are back to normal for you!

  16. God Bless'em. My heart goes out to all affected.
    Those are the first miracles I have heard about, what an awesome God we serve! Thankful y'all are ok.

  17. I'm glad to hear your ok my little Alabama friend. Yes indeed so so glad.
    Your laundry looks divine : ) Especially that pretty pink towel.
    Happy Sunday

  18. Hi Sherry,

    I've thought of you so many times during and since the storm hit all of us. We are fine and our home is fine. However, the tornadoes that hit northern Alabama in DeKalb county has left many of our friends homeless and many in Rainsville have lost their lives. This is the county that our last home was located in...the one we sold a few years ago.

    It's so incredibly sad what has happened in all of the states but Alabama has been damaged in such a major way.

    Yes, we are hearing and reading the miraculous stories that are surfacing.

    One was that a family trying to get their family into a closet and the son was pulled from their arms and taken away. Afterwards as they walked out to nothing left but that closet and their son came walking up to them. He said he had been up in the air and delivered back to the ground.

    As I've said....Tornadoes carry such an angry spirit but obviously angels unaware to us are waiting to help so many of us.

    I'm so glad you, your family and your home are all ok.

    Pink Sparkles for this day,
    Stephanie ♥

  19. So glad to see that calm has been restored. The sun does shine again. Of course, so many are still in mourning and clean-up mode. Prayers and blessings to one and all, Tammy


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