Friday, June 17, 2011

Want to chat ~ heart-to-heart?

Do you ever just feel uninspired?
That doesn't usually describe me. I usually can find excitement in cleaning out a closet or cooking a special meal.  But not lately.
I don't know where my bounce has gone.

I walk out into my yard, hoping for a little inspiration.

How could this perfect rose not excite me?

Could it just be my outlook?
Because now, when I look closer, I see mildew on the leaves.  Does the flaw actually make it less beautiful?
Does everything really have to be perfect to be inspiring or joyful?

I check out my Square Foot Garden.
It's just a little square out in my backyard.

But on closer inspection, it actually holds such beauty.
Again, it seems to be all in my outlook.

Beauty abounds in my yard.

I know this slump is temporary.  I know the joy is lurking around the corner.  I've just got to look for it again.

In the mean time, I'll enjoy God's beauty and abide in my favorite Bible verse:

Be still, and know that I am God.
      Psalm 46:10

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  1. I call these the "mulliegrubs". I know what ya mean, sometimes I get them too. You do have lots of beauty in your back yard gardens. The rose is spectacular.

  2. It's hard to find beauty around here. I really have to look hard for it through the dust and the heat. My house is such a disaster. I like evenings when you can't see all the streaky windows and the dust that lurks everywhere. At night, I light candles and pretend that everything around me is neat and tidy and clean. ha! We all have slumps. It's taken me a while to get back into crafting. Now that summer vacations is here and I have the whole day to do with as I please, I am much more inspired. Sending smiles :) and hugs xxx Tammy

  3. I guess the "down times" in life makes the "up times" better. We all have times like this...heads up,
    things will look better soon! Your flowers are beautiful!
    I love your blog!

  4. That seems a perfect verse to think upon while waiting for the enthusiasm to return. Sending blessings to you!

  5. Lately here in So. California, we have been hit with the June Glooms. Lots of cloudy dreary days. Ugh. I keep wanting to open my blinds...or yeah they are already open. But as they say, the sun is still there. Have a great day.

  6. Great Bible verse! Things will be better. It just might take a little while. Enjoy your garden while its here. Hope you got some rain this week, we did.

  7. Unfortunately, the black spots are all part and parcel of growing roses in Alabama, although Beyer's makes something for works....

    Keep your chin up!!!! We are getting some great rain today here in lower Alabama *squee*

    Ricki Jill

  8. If you read my blog today, you will see I am suffering from the same malady! I am going to clean my sewing room, after dinner, and see if that give me some get up and go! I think we have Spring Fever.
    Loved your post!

  9. My bounce, spark or whatever has been misplaced. I just cannot get to going these hot days.

  10. Oh, Sherry! It's right there in front of you. Seize it ... Walking thru my gardens always perks me up when I am 'slumped'. God shows me that we have so many beautiful things of His to enjoy ...

    I am sending you an extra big hug ... there now, don't you feel better!
    Have a beautiful PS weekend.
    TTFN ~

  11. I am so sorry your heart is so heavy. I'm not sure why, but some of us just need to go through it. As much as I would like to tell you better days are ahead, I know that is not in your sight right now. So I will simply say, wait and look about you. Your way will come, and joy will be with you again.

  12. Sherry
    Hve you had a medical physical recently? Maybe there is a bona-fice reason for your lack of energy or enthusiasm (anemia or such).
    much love,

  13. chin up...I am new here and find your post today inspiring to see the beauty in each and everything around us. Great post.

  14. I can totally relate too, Sherry - must be the weather or something. My 'get up and go' and gotten up and left LOL!

    Your garden is looking very lovely though :O) Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  15. Visiting from Pink Saturday and love your little piggies but sorry to hear you're not feeling in the pink lately. Joy is on it's way.

  16. Sherry, there is so much beauty in your yard. Thank you for sharing with us! Happy Pink Saturday! Twyla

  17. Sherry, I will share my favourite quote with you. It is from Leonard Cohen's 'Anthem' :
    "Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget the perfect offering
    there's a crack, a crack, in everything
    that's how the light gets in."
    I love your blog, and hope you are your bright, sunny, self soon. Santie

  18. I get the "blahs" sometimes but always choose to see the beauty in His work...and I'm so grateful that my problems are so small compared to others. May yours soon be gone.

  19. I've had the 'blues' lately, too. I hate it when that happens...I'm not inspired or excited about the things that used to inspire and excite me. Like some of your other commentors said, I guess we just sometimes have to go through these times to appreciate the better times.

    HOWEVER, your gorgeous garden and yard photos certainly put a smile on my face!

    Have a good Pink Saturday! dana

  20. Wonderful post! You are so right,attitude determines so much. :)

  21. Ah, well, you SAY you're uninspired, yet look at the wonderful inspiration you've brought to all us Pink Saturday visitors! This is a great post, and your photos are lovely. I hope Pink Saturday perks you up!

  22. Hi Sherry,
    I'm Sheri too! I'm sorry you're feeling down. We all get that way sometimes. In fact, me and my daughters just started a new Blog and we did a recent post about "Gracious Women." We would love it if you could visit us and follow. The link is: I think you will like the post. It might make you feel better. Peace be with you, Sherry.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  23. Hi Sherry! I love your square foot garden! It is just the cutest thing! I think I might even be able to do that! I was hoping that you were still drawing with your colored pencils. Enjoy beauty every day. Twyla

  24. I know just how you feel. I just went through the same thing. We had a very rainy May in our area and I think it just got me so down. You have a very good attitude about it. Better than I did. Beauty IS everywhere and I also believe that we should leave all in God's hands. I love your blog and your drawings are great. I especially like that frog!


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