Monday, July 18, 2011

Good Enough

I have such a struggle with the disease of


Does that mean that everything I do is perfect?
On the contrary.
It means that a lot of things get left undone because I don't have the time or skills to do them perfectly.

Take my housework for example.  I used to put off a simple chore such as vacuuming until I had the time to pull out furniture and vacuum perfectly.

But thankfully I found Flyady and she gave me "permission" to vacuum just the middle of my floors.
I try to choose one room each week to detail-clean but all the other rooms get just a lick-and-a-promise.
And if I don't detail clean a room this week?
It will still be there next week.
Thank you Flylady!

But my perfectionism didn't stop with my house.  It spilled over into my health.  I posted lately about my struggle with the They Says. 
Then I found this eye-opening book:

Live a Little! Breaking the Rules Won't Break Your Health
by Susan M. Love, M.D. and Alice D. Domar, PH. D.
In this book, written by a surgeon and a psychologist, I found out that perfect health is a myth!
No one can follow ALL the "rules," and no one knows if these rules would keep us perfectly healthy anyway.
I learned that eight hours of sleep is not the perfect amount for everyone.  I probably won't die from sleep deprivation if I have a toss-and-turn night once in a while.
The "rules" on the issues of stress, health screenings, nutrition, and relationships are also looked at and brought down to more livable standards.
Oh, and the title of my favorite chapter?
It's Not Religion, It's Just Exercise

While taking this close-up look at my life, I'm amazed at the huge role that perfectionism plays in it. It touches almost everything I do: cooking, cleaning, art, piano, blogging, teaching, loving...In short; Living.

So instead of looking at myself critically through this magnifying glass today, I'm going to try to see my reflection through the eyes of Christ as He gazes on me. He knows I'm not perfect, but He loves me anyway.

Am I the only one that struggles with perfectionism?
I would love to hear how others deal with it.
Be brave! 
Leave a comment.
We can learn from each other.
You never know who you might help.

~ Sherry ~


  1. My problem is procrastination. I wait til the last minute to get something done and then I don't feel like I follow through very well. As for cleaning, I'm a slacker in that regard. Too hard to keep up with the dust around here. :/ Hope you are having a good day. Tammy

  2. Yes I too am a a flybaby....perfectionism and procrastination. She does help ( a lot)

    I think the worst fr me is comparison- I let myself feel inferior when blog hopping, everyones life ( and houses) look so perfect!

  3. Where in the world do you come with with all of this Sherry, lol.
    FLYLADY?? Just stopped in to see what "it" was. I see I see now.
    I feel like I'm going around in circles today. I cut my fingers on Thurs. with the hedge trimmer. I'm very lucky I didn't loose all 4 fingers. God was watching over me.
    The girls arrive so soon. I've been planning this for over 8 months now, and it's nearly here. OMG.
    Love you yellow apron BTW. and you.

  4. Such a wonderful post! Both of my parents were perfectionists in all that they did and I appreciate that eye for detail and a job well done. But there is always the negative side and if I told you how we cleaned and what we clean when we were kids you probably wouldn't believe it. I have tried to find balance as an adult but it is relative. My kids probably think I could use some pointers. :)

  5. Sherry,
    I , too am the adult child of 2 perfectionists. Over the years, I have given myself permission to have less rigid standards.....especially when it comes to cleaning and housework. I had to learn to love the little girl I was then as well as the grown 59 yr old woman I am now. This new thinking and feeling also isn't perfect! lol

    I fully embrace the finally loving yourself in FlyLady. It took many years to achieve it, though.

    Be kind to yourself and your little girl, too.

  6. Sherry--

    I, too, suffer from perfectionism and never realized that it was the cause of my inability to keep a neat, clutter-free house. But I found FlyLady a year ago and she really hit the nail on the head. I used to be crippled by my perfectionism, but now I try to live by the motto that something is better than nothing, and you really can make a difference by just doing something for 15 minutes. Thanks for a great post -- I'm checking our library for that book tomorrow! : )

  7. LOVE Flylady! I've read her book and subscribe to her posts...but I guess I'm a little slow because I just now really recognized that I too am a perfectionist. It clicked when I read this part of your blog:
    "I used to put off a simple chore such as vacuuming until I had the time to pull out furniture and vacuum perfectly." That's me! I do the same thing with mopping and dusting. :( Want to guess how long it's been since I dusted? Thanks for the reminder that ANYTHING is better than nothing! :)

  8. I am a flybaby too- Flylady has done me a world of good. I felt overwhelmed, inadequate, and nothing was ever 'perfect'. Now I have routines in place, and what's done is done, perfect or not. I have some time to write, at last!
    I do agree with Joyce about paling in comparison with the lovely houses and wonderful, virtuous lives I come upon when Blogghopping. I have to keep reminding myself that a LOT of effort goes into each post and picture, and that no real home looks like that all the time!

  9. What a great post! I am a "procrastinator" who puts things off until the last minute..then have to rush to get things done.Plus I am a
    "pack rat""..I save everything.Who knows when I might need that???
    I love your blog..always something
    interesting to think about.

  10. Well, I will admit to being messy. You'll notice there are no wide view shots of my house (except for our craft room post). I spend too much time on my crafting to keep my house totally picked up and clean. I am a perfectionist, but mostly about my crafting. I have never heard of Flylady. I will have to check it out. I am trying to learn as I get older to just accept myself the way I am and realize that others don't notice all my imperfections as much as I do. Sherry, I always look up to you and feel like I learn so much from your posts. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

  11. What an interesting post! I'm no perfectionist, that's for sure! Way to fickle and easily distracted I suppose, but it works well for me (or at least I delude myself into thinking so ~ ha!).

    Love your apron! Please post a picture so we can see the front:)



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