Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shorts Refashion

I didn't get all my To-Do's done over the last two weeks.  But I have really good excuses.

Here's the condensed version:
  • AC went out
  •  had close encounter (of the torturous kind) with jalapeno peppers (see story here)
  •  had precious visiting family
  •  and an 80th birthday party thrown in (my loving daddy's). 
So, I didn't get my jelly made.
 And I didn't get many Refashions completed, well only one actually, but here it is. 

My Shorts Refashion

Now don't laugh at my Before picture. 
I can't believe I'm actually posting this unflattering picture for everyone to see. There's a reason you don't see my face (it was verrrrrry early in the morning).  Oops, there I go with my excuses again. :)

I found this refashion quite a bit more challenging than I expected.
I bought the Express shorts at the thrift store for $3.49. They actually fit pretty well in the waist/hip area. I thought I could just trim those loose legs down by taking in the side seams.

But, after searching on the internet for directions, I found that I also needed to take in the inner leg area.

So, I tried the shorts on ~wrong side out~ and pinned them the way I wanted them to fit. I then took the shorts off and basted (long hand-sewn running stitches) where I had the pins.  I ended up taking them off and redoing this step several times before getting the fit right.
Then I serged them along the basting stitches.
Lastly, I tried them on again, pinning up the hem and hand-stitching it in place.

But I'm quite happy with the results. Actually, they're the best fitting pair of shorts I've had in a looooong time!

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  1. wow Sherry - you did a great job!

  2. What a great idea! They look great on you. I have a pair of Talbot capris I bought at the thrift store and because I am 5'2", they look goofy on me because they flare out too much. I am inspired to narrow the leg and shorten them. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. They look like they were gauchos in their former life but look so much better as shorts. You did a great job. Have a wonderful week. Tammy

  4. Thank you Joyce!

    Judy, I totally understand about the capris since I'm a little under 5'2". I have either hemmed up, or gotten rid of all my capris because they made me look even shorter.

    Tammy, I started to title this post "A Gaucho Refashion" but I didn't know if anyone besides me remembered gauchos. I'm glad I'm not the only one! :)

  5. Wow! After looks much better!! I always buy clothes with the intention of altering them in some way & have not done it - ever...not even once!

  6. You are such a smart and pretty cookie Sherry. I actually have a pair of those "before" that are going to Sally Annes, lol.
    You look marvellous.
    Glad you had a great weekend, minus the peppers ; 0

  7. Marvelous! Great tip on how to take something like this in - pin INSIDE-OUT! If the thought had been any more obvious . . .
    Now - to get my machine fixed . . .
    Miss Kathy
    P.S. The finished product looks terrific on you!

  8. They turned out fantastic! I always have to alter my pants, and have such a hard time figuring out whether I should I do the inseam or the side seam? I guess the best way is to do both, so that the seams look the same. Still looking for the perfect piece to refashion for myself!

  9. Sherry, your shorts look great! you have lots going on lately. I am happy that you have recovered from the Great Pepper Incident.

    Ricki Jill

  10. Oh my gosh! You did such a great job and they look great on you! Love the colorful top too!

  11. From another 5'2" lady, make sure to ALWAYS buy petite fashions, otherwise you end up hemming up or removing the designed shape of the leg or skirt. You have so much patience, to pin and repin and baste and ... Your finished garment is beautiful to behold.


  12. I'm really impressed that you took the time to do this right! I would have, and actually know I have, done something half assed that looked terrible on the inside and mediocre on the outside! As another shortie, I know the frustration of always hemming, but if I buy petites, they are too short! I don't know how that's possible!!

  13. Just wanted to thank you so much for your comment on my blog! It's always good to know I have a few loyal readers :)

  14. Sherry, I love your refashioned shorts! You have taken to refashioning like a fish to water. I hope your dear hubby is doing better. I said a prayer for him right before I started typing this comment. Kathy from JCHC

  15. Hi Sherry! Oh, you did good and your shorts looks wonderful and do fit you so well! You're one fashion Diva! :)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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