Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Color My World!

I'm over my whining spell about the time change and now I'm working on adding color to my grey surroundings.

I started out my colorful journey at the plant nursery where I bought some bright plants and flowers that can handle the winter chill.

I snapped this picture of the ornamental cabbage after bringing it home and setting it on my front porch where the afternoon sun was bringing out its colors.

Below is the same plant on this cloudy day (first large plant on the left).
It's funny how the sunshine affects the color, isn't it?
I think sunshine has the same effect on me...it just brings out my color.

ornamental cabbage, kale, and pansies
 I surrounded the cabbages and kale with many, many pansies.
Pansies always make me think of children's happy smiling faces.

I still have this brave, lone, little bud on my front yard rosebush.

I found this picture in a store yesterday while out and about in town.
It's very large and took the saleslady and me quite a while to squeeze/wedge it into the backseat of my car after my purchase.
It took even longer to get it out once I got home, even though I had help from my son!
Sweet hubby hung it over the living room couch last night and I think it carries on the Color My World theme quite well.

And last, but not least, I went through some of my many pounds of cotton scraps with ideas of making some colorful throw pillows for the couch.

Below are pictures for happy-scrappy throw pillows I found on Cluckclucksew.com.
(The links below the pictures will take you to the tutorials.)

Sprocket Pillows

Petal Pillow

And today?
Well, I should be cleaning house.
I may go out in my backyard and walk around barefoot instead.
The day has started out warm with just a little peek of sunshine here and there but
thunderstorms are expected later today and then cooler weather behind that.
So I think I'll just play hooky from housework and enjoy this "snappy new day!"


  1. What a lovely picture. And all your other colourful scenes. I guess if we try hard enough we can always see sunshine.

  2. All of the beautiful colors of this post sure did make me feel happy! Your ornamental cabbage is gorgeous!!!

  3. Such a colorful post to begin my day with. Lovely and awesome :)

  4. I am with you! I don't like the time change! I have felt like it's time to go back to bed ever since it changed. I'm always sleepy. Enjoy your day outside. Soon it will be winter and you can clean then. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Twyla

  5. As writer of A Colorful World I think you have done a fantastic job of coloring your world and I commend you for it! :-) I need to borrow some of your color myself! In AZ we don't do the time changes...we get the normal flux of the day's lengths, of course but it isn't as dramatic as returning from work in the dark! I know why winter can be so depressing! But, you have a gorgeous new print over your couch, gorgeous new pillows and gorgeous new plants! It was very cheerful looking at them from here, and I hope they have cheered you up sufficiently as well!


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