Thursday, November 29, 2012

Help for dry winter skin

Every fall and winter, as the weather gets colder, my skin gets drier.
It seems the older more mature I get, the worse the problem.

I'm so excited to have found help for my dry skin this year!
Believe it or not, I didn't find this idea on the internet.
I found it in my own little noggin!

Now I'm sure someone else has already thought of this but they didn't tell me about it!

Here's my cute little partner in my fight against dry winter skin.

This chubby little fellow that used to dispense the sweet honey for my morning oatmeal is now filled with vegetable oil.
He sits on my shower shelf waiting to help moisturize my dry skin during my nightly shower.
After washing my face with a washcloth and just plain water, I sqeeze a little of the oil onto my washcloth and rub over the rest of my body just like I would when using soap.
That's right - no soap used!
I get out of the shower feeling so clean and moisturized.
I just pat dry
and say,
Goodbye Alligator skin!
I need to insert a word of caution here:
Be careful of a slippery shower floor if you try this!
Another help for dry skin (that I did find on the internet) is dry-brushing my skin before showering.
You can find lots of instructions when Googling this.
I bought a natural bristle brush something like this one found at Drugstore(dot)com.
I got mine from my local Walmart for $4.00.
I think using the brush before taking the moisturizing shower helps but I have to admit I don't use my brush nightly.
For one reason, I forget about it until I get out of the shower.
But the main reason is because by the time I take my shower, I'm usually too lazy tired.
I just want to get my shower, wrap up in my fuzzy housecoat, and snuggle in for the night.
There you have it, my cure for dry winter skin.
It's working so well for me that I just had to share it with my friends.
Please let me know if you try it.
I'd love to hear if it works for you.
I hope you have a great day!


  1. I use oil tip regularly. So may be i never noticed that winter dry skin. It really works.

  2. Is the vegetable oil just any oil? Would canola work? I don't usually have dry skin but it's nice to treat our skin often when we get older...I mean more mature! heehee!

  3. I have used canola and regular vegetable oil and I've used a blend of the two and they all worked great! Hope it works for you, please let me know. :)

  4. Hello Sherry, This is a great blog post. You are so right olive oil is a wonderful way to moisturize your skin, plus it is simple and easy. Dry brushing has so many wonderful benefits including improving heart health, increases circulation and more. By the way, you won my blog giveaway. ;o)

  5. One great tip I learned from my Grandfather is the use of a 50/50 solution of glycerin and hydrogen peroxide. It is quite waterery, yet it is wonderful especially on cracked heels. Another things to add to your list of goodies.

  6. Thank you for this great tip! My heels can use some help after our long flip flop season. :)

  7. Hello sweet Sherry. Here I am. I use baby oil as you use your oil. Another great oil is Bio Oil. I've been using the bio oil and vitamin E on my nice scar on my back. You've seen it and I thank you for your well wishes. I've had a couple bad days, but I'm back on track. Full recovery is 6 months to a year. I'll beat those odds, lol.
    I hope Alabama is having nice weather. We've had snow but nothing serious.
    Merry Christmas dear friend. I'm not starting to blog again, but needed to let my friends know what I was going through.
    Take good care.
    Love Claudie

  8. I do something similar ~ I use baby oil and it really helps!



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