Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simple joys

Yesterday was a most wonderful day!
It was filled with homey chores and visits to a thrift store, Hobby Lobby, and the grocery store in the morning.
Afternoon and evening brought family time and a fun time swapping recipes and cooking with my youngest son's girlfriend.  (I so love girl time and girl talk!  I have to make a special effort to include that into my life since I live in a guy-majority home.)

Sweet Karrie came over and we made my chicken and dressing recipe together.
Then she taught me how to make her Daddy's fan-tab-U-lus fudge.  I think it's the best fudge I've ever tasted!!!
~Now on to Today~
This new day has started out very foggy.
The fog has deposited its heavy drops on my clothesline.
The smell of our woodsmoke contributes a warm, homey smell to the outdoors though.
I think I'll go inside where the washer is swishing our sheets...
                               ...sweet love songs are drifting through from the kitchen cd player,                        and a cheery fire is burning brightly in the fireplace.
All making home a very comforting, happy place to be. 
Looking around inside lifts that heavy fog that tried to settle in around me outside.
There's a mixture of Christmas past and Valentine future in my little breakfast room.
I seem to have chosen an everlasting Poinsettia waaaaay back in early December.
Who would have thought a mere $3.99 could bring MONTHS! of colorful happiness to my life?
Thank you Aldi for your offerings of beautiful flowers at such a little price.
And my just-as-frugal Dollar Tree Valentine decor is just as cheery and will last even longer!
Such sweet, simple pleasures make me such
A Happy Valentine!
The sun is now out and has gotten rid of the heavy fog so I'm going out to flip the fog droplets from my clotheslines and hang out my freshly washed sheets!
I wish you a joyful day, my friend!


  1. Ok now you know you have got to share that fudge recipe Sherry! Looks so yummy! Angela

    1. Thanks Angela! It IS yummy! But it's kind of like soap-making, as in it's more of a technique than it is just a recipe. I hope I get the same delicious results when I make it by myself. :)

  2. Fudge can be tricky. The day I mastered my grandmother's recipe was A! Thrilling! Day! :) Your photo of yours looks good. :)

    Your comments about girl-time in a male household make me think of me and my mom while I was growing up. With two brothers and my dad, my mom and I always--well, not ALWAYS, but you know what I mean :)--cherished our time together.

    And I love your tablecloth. ♥♥

  3. Yum, fudge! There's so many different types but my favorite is the grainy kind. ♥

  4. It's lovely to have a peek about your home and a view of your day. That poinsettia is amazing! I'll be sure to check out Dr. Dave, too, from your previous post. Thanks!

  5. What a cheery, happy post! I want some of that fudge:) Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!

  6. That fudge looks heavenly! I've never successfully managed it.

  7. Thanks for including my blog in your list of favorite reads in your sidebar. I am truly flattered. ;o)

  8. Your home sounds like a super cozy place, that anyone would love to visit. You had me at girl time and brownies. Have a wonderful Day. ;o)

  9. That fudge looks amazing! I hope you've had a nice weekend, too!

  10. Are you OK Sherry? Don't think you have ever been gone so long... you are missed! Angela

  11. Sherry, I'm noticing your beautiful table runner! And what's the pretty linen hanging in the background ~ an apron?

  12. Hello Sherry! I am missing you! I hope everything is okay! Love, Twyla

  13. It's been a while and I miss your happy posts... hope everything is well!



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