Monday, July 29, 2013


Dear Diary,
I soooo need inspiration to write regularly.  Maybe I found it?  A Blogalong sounds like fun and inspiration to me.  I'm doing it!  I'm joining in! 

I already have my doubts if I can blog e-v-e-r-y   d-a-y  for a whole month.  But hey, it's already got me blogging and it's not even August 1 yet!  So a little's better than nothing, right?  Maybe some of my blogging buddies will even join in with me for more inspiration.  If you want to, here's Effy's link.  (Psst, let me know if you join!)

I had a great weekend!  I attended an outdoor wedding with my hunny on Saturday.  It was a beautiful evening wedding.  A not-hot July day is a very rare and welcomed Alabama event.  The wedding reception was held in a barn.  Yep, a barn, but what a barn!

Then yesterday brought a wonderful time at my family reunion at a great Georgia park.  I didn't take pictures of the park, only family pictures.  Silly me.

And today it's back to normal.  The guys are off to work and I plan to bring order back to our home.  Laundry is already hanging on the line and I have my to-do list made out.  Have I mentioned lately how much I  l-o-v-e my job?  I love being a full-time homemaker.  I really do!  It gives me such pleasure to keep our home clean and running smoothly (most of the time).  I enjoy cooking meals that put a smile on my family's faces.  What a great reward for doing a job that I love so well.  I'm so blessed.

I'm following along with Flylady this week. 
Well, kinda-sorta.  I'm in the same Zone as her but I'm doing my own thing there.  I don't have door knobs in my living room to clean.  Door knobs, really Flylady?  But I do need to pay special attention to my everyday jobs there like pulling out furniture to vacuum and dusting my ceiling fan.  Who knows, I might even clean the windows if the notion strikes!

After the cleaning and laundry have been tackled I plan to make out my menu and grocery list for the week.  On my mental menu for tonight I've planned Hearty Black-Eyed Peas, fresh broccoli/carrots, and cornbread.

And then?  Playtime!  I have a few crafty ideas up my sleeve.  The first one is to sew up some cloth grocery bags to carry with me on my weekly Aldi visit.  My plastic bags are looking pretty grungy and I want some sturdy cloth ones that I can throw in the wash and keep fresh.  I found a free pattern on the internet and I found a piece of cheery canvas fabric in my stash so a-sewing-I-will-go.

My trip to Hobby Lobby last week didn't bring any new hobby ideas for me but it did get me thinking of adding a couple of new skirts to my fall wardrobe.  I may go back tomorrow and pick out a couple of cotton prints for new fall skirts.  I love sewing skirts!  I think they're my favorite things to sew (and wear).  But do I really need more?   I mean, how many skirts does a lady need in her closet anyway?    I've even thought of opening up a shop on Etsy so that I can sew more and more skirts. Maybe...

Oh, and one more, not so fun plan for my week...   CUT BACK ON MY FOOD INTAKE!   I've been bad.  I've gained three pounds and I've got to get rid of it before it turns into five or more!  My problem is, I'm an emotional eater.  I eat more when I'm HAPPY!  But I don't want to swap in that happiness to lose a few pounds.  I guess I've just got to muster up that will-power I found when I lost those 22 pounds nine years ago.  I think I can...I think I can...I think I can....


  1. Oh I love Aldi and was so happy one just opened right in my town. I used to get to Aldi every 8 weeks or so when I took my dog to the groomer. I hung out there for shopping while he was with the groomer. I don't have pretty carry bags but I always have reusable bags in the car trunk and a quarter in my pocket :)

  2. I love you. I think I may discipline myself to blog every day as well. See ya soon.

  3. HI Sherry! Blogging is a joy to me and I love it when my favorites blog every day! Yay!
    Isn't summer fantastic? I'm going swimming today! Well, I shall float on my yellow noodle! Have a good week, good Sherry!

  4. Hi Sherry! Your barn picture is very handsome! I followed your link and am thinking I may join in the post every day in August. I did it in May and it was fun! It gave me a chance to share a lot of my pictures that I wouldn't normally show and it was easy doing shorter posts.


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