Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Dear Diary,
It's been a great two weeks since I last wrote!  I had a wonderful birthday on the 17th and I got my dream birthday gift from my loving husband! No, it's not the daisy chair I first thought I wanted.  Being the fickle girl I am, I changed my mind to the peacock chair after seeing it in person.

I've spent a little time in it already but plan to spend a lot more.  I was right, it does suspend me above any problems.  I feel like a little girl again when curled up in it with a book.  I am so blessed.

I got to swing my precious little granddaughter in it over the weekend.  Wish I'd gotten pictures of us in it but I do have the memory.  Little Hannah is so full of fun, giggles, and love. 

We just laid back and enjoyed our time together while Hannah and her mama and daddy were here.  The house is mighty quiet this morning without those sweet little giggles and squeals and I'm already missing her happy dances.  I wish Indiana wasn't so far away from our Alabama home.

I've got to get to the grocery store today so I can restock the fridge and kitchen cupboards.  I thought about going yesterday afternoon but the thunder kept booming and the rain kept falling so I just scoured the freezer and cupboards and put together a meal with what I found.  The tater tots I found in the freezer made me think of a casserole I had tried in the past from my favorite cookbook, Taste of Home's 2000 Quick Cooking Annual Recipes.          

I didn't have green peppers but I did have jalapeno peppers hanging on the plants in my square-foot garden.  I served the casserole up with chopped, fresh broccoli and carrot sticks.  Yum-yum!

So, today it's to the grocery store I go...with a little side-track stop to Hobby Lobby.  For my birthday, my sweet sons gave me a Hobby Lobby gift card.  I'm thinking of taking up a new hobby and thought I'd just stop by and dream awhile before spending the card.  I always feel a little restless and want to try something new in the middle of summer.  I have never figured out why, but here I am and that's what I'm feeling.

I'm excited about the upcoming weekend with some special outdoor plans.  First, an outdoor wedding on Saturday and then a family reunion at a Georgia park on Sunday.  It's always nice to have something to look forward to.

Now I'm going out to take my morning walk before the heat ~ and probably rain ~ makes an appearance.  Then, make out my menu and grocery list and head out to Hobby Lobby and ALDI.  Sounds like a plan to me!


  1. Oh your post reminds me of what all i m missing being so far away from my home

  2. OH! I'm so excited you got your chair! How fun! It is pretty! I love Hobby lobby, what a great gift. One of the things I love about you is that you enjoy trying new crafts. I can't wait to see what you're trying next! Do you still draw with colored pencils? Have a wonderful day! Twyla

  3. The chair is beautiful, Sherry! Your little grand girl is beautiful, too!
    I do love Hobby Lobby. I always buy stickers and stamps. I like to look at the canvases.
    Oh, and they have so much yarn, too! Have fun!

  4. Happy belated birthday, Sherry! Your chair is awesome! And your grandbaby is adorable:)

  5. Your granddaughter is precious! Glad you got to love on her a little bit.
    Can't wait to see shot your new hobby will be. :)


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