Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Week ~ A New Diet

Not really a completely new diet, just doing it differently. You know how it's always exciting to start that new diet on Monday?  Well I read that if you start a new (different) diet every week or two that it will stay new and exciting and you'll still lose weight.  And goodness knows, there's enough diets out there to start a new one every Monday for years.

Last week I was very good and faithful to counting my Weight Watcher's Points and I lost 1.8 pounds.  But by yesterday afternoon it had lost some of its luster.  So I pulled out one of my other diet books, of which I have several, and I started re-reading The Weigh Down Diet by Gwen Shamblin.  It's less of a diet and more of a way of life.  Eat when you're hungry, what your body is asking for, and stop before becoming too full.  Sounds easy, huh?

My counting Weight Watcher's Points last week has refreshed my memory on what my food portion sizes should look like, so this week I'm getting brave and not counting Points.  I'm going to listen to my body and give it what it asks for.  Am I crazy?  Maybe.

You, my blog friends are such an encouragement to me.  You've encouraged me with my weight woes and during my time of heart searching while going through church changes.  You'll never know how much I appreciate you.  Living in an all-guy household, with me being the only exception, means that very little girl talk goes on around here.  So I rely on my blog friends, and my Thursday lunch with my local girlfriends to supply me with my girl talk fix.

I've also found Blog Talk Radio to help fill the girl talk gap too.  I download broadcasts on my IPod and take it with me on my walks, and listen to it while I clean house.  And sometimes when I wake up at night and can't go back to sleep, I pull my IPod off my nightstand and  pop in my ear buds and am lulled right back to sleep with girl talk.  Some of my favorite Podcasts are by Flylady, Missus Smarty Pants, the What Really Matters show, and there are some health related shows I listen to.  Do you listen to Blog Talk Radio and do you have any Podcasts you could recommend?

Well, on to my housekeeping for the day.  It's Monday, so for me that means laundry, ironing, vacuuming, making out my weekly menu and shopping list.  I've already got my second load of laundry in the washer and one on the clothesline and if I jump in and get everything done early, including my walk, maybe I'll have a little play time.  I think I need to put my art time on my to-do list or I never seem to get around to it even though it is a pleasure for me, not a chore.

I wish you a happy, joy-filled week.  See you tomorrow!
Oh, and I'd love it if you'd leave me a comment.  You know, the more girl-talk the better!



  1. I am just loving your daily posts! You always cheer my day! Angela

  2. Sherry, I'm sorry I didn't comment yesterday! I was curious about the point system and looked up on line that I would be allowed 19 points per day. I may not have done it right, but saw that it amounted to about 1000 calories. I wish you luck with your new style of dieting! I've been trying to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and not very much meat. I'm not losing much but blame it on my 'time' of life. Probably it's because I don't exercise enough which is why I've started my walking the trail. Twyla


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