Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Goofing Off

I've goofed off enough this morning.
I've got a very time consuming sewing project with a very short deadline waiting on me, so what do I do?
I get up very early this morning, get dressed, eat a quick breakfast, and take my walk extra early so that I can get an early start with my sewing.  But the mistake I made was to take my camera on my walk with me...
...and Maggie.
The camera slows me down and Maggie slows down my picture taking because she wiggles on her leash while I'm trying to snap my pictures.
So I slowed down, but I enjoyed my walk much better than usual.
Maybe because it was a guilty pleasure?

My front yard

Stopping to mail my Netflix movie~  An Elvis movie!

Up our road

 Neighbors' barns

...and neighbors' cows
They're very friendly this morning.

Home's just around the curve.
 Back at home I find inspiration in my flower garden,
the reminder of what I should be, Busy as a Bee!
 Now, back to sewing!


  1. Sherry, thanks for stopping by Riverside Studios for Pink Saturday...I'm just now getting around to visiting blogs and I certainly enjoyed your morning walk! Looks cool and inviting this morning...and it looks like you've had rain. Everything is so beautiful and green! Enjoy your holiday weekend and your sewing project.

  2. Oh Sherry, I enjoyed your walk so much! I really liked seeing your neck of the woods. You live in a very pretty place! I love cows! So neat you live close to some. Your dog is so cute! Please give Maggie a hug from me! A morning walk is so good for us. Good for you! It's also a great time to spend with God and enjoy the beauty that is around us. Good luck with your sewing today! Twyla

  3. Maggie's face = irresistible!
    What a pretty walk, Sherry!


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