Monday, August 5, 2013

Weight Loss? Ha!

So much for losing those extra three pounds by limiting my food intake.  I went up another pound instead!
I've always said I was made backwards and now I have proof!
I don't want to do it, but the only way I know to lose weight, the only way that's ever worked for me with lasting results is the Weight Watchers' At Home plan.  So today, Monday, starts my Point Counting again.

I don't , I don't, I don't want those four pounds to be only the beginning of gaining back those 22 pounds I lost eight or nine years ago.

I've gained back a few before and lost them by just cutting back and walking more.  I've had only one time before that I gained a few pounds and couldn't get rid of them no matter what I did and so I finally did it only by counting Points again.  Well, this will now make two.  So, starting today a-counting I will go.
Here's my plan:

Breakfast:  Since I like routine (and oats) I plan to have a bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal every morning with peanut butter, honey, chopped dates, and milk.  Never tried it?  You need to.  It's like a (legal) dessert.

Lunch will be a warmed-up, home-cooked meal left over from supper of the night before.

Supper will be Vegetable Soup made from the recipe in my Weight Watchers' Getting Started book. It's really good and hey, it's ZEEEE-RO points!

While losing, Weight Watcher's recommends three servings of milk products a day for teenagers and those over 50.  I'll let you guess which one I am.  They also recommend six glasses of water (no problem), and two teaspoons of good oils (also not a problem).

Can I do it?  We shall see.  Why yes I can! Sure I can!

So, by the time Fall gets here I'll be able to slide right back into my cool weather clothes without missing a beat.

I'm especially looking forward to wearing my favorite brown corduroy skirt again.


  1. There are sweet fruits that go along with self discipline, eternal benefits. Good for you! I like your menu plan, Sherry!

  2. Good for you to wrangle in those few pounds now! I have also gained a few pounds and I always notice it first in how my clothes fit in my waist.

  3. I have this same problem - limit food and then weigh more the next day. So a friend told me about a book - "The Plan" by Lyn-Genet Recitas. Basically a lot of "diet" foods cause inflammation and her "plan" helps you eliminate those foods that cause inflammation. I have found it very helpful. I'm in the middle of her 20 day regimen, haven't yet identified anything that causes inflammation yet, but I've lost about 1-2 lbs a day. Sounds incredible, I know, but the food in the first week or so are all foods that do not cause inflammation at all so you're giving your body a chance to heal. Check and see if you're library has it - it has been very helpful to me.

  4. Sherry, I certainly can identify with you. I am having so much trouble getting off a few pounds right now. I think your diet sounds great and I wish you the best of luck! Have a nice day! Twyla

  5. All the best and you look wonderful in this picture

  6. I have yet to battle the "small" pounds. I have so many "small" pounds stacked up that I did not see them that way. I have had to break my image of this huge weight down into smaller portions. 1 pound a week! When I see chocolate, candy, or ice cream, I just let my body slap my eyes and let my spirit take captive thoughts that mean to distract me. Most of my friends have heard me say BECAUSE I AM WORTH IT! It is not just a saying I really believe I am worth being healthy. I am worth the struggle it takes to get where I need to be. Someone asked me, "At what point do I need to do something." To which I replied, "When you know that you know that you know, YOU ARE WORTH IT!"


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