Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Please let me Re-Introduce Myself

I want to thank Dawn, Mary, and Santie for their comments on the post I made yesterday.  Wow, ladies, you have given me so much to think about for the future of my blog!  I took notes and plan on incorporating your suggestions for posting topics.  I am always so amazed to find out that anyone could honestly be interested in my common, every day life.  But thank you so much to everyone that reads my posts and especially for the ones taking time out of your busy life to leave me a comment.  You are all such an encouragement!

So, taking a cue from Dawn, I will try to re-introduce myself.  I don't know of anything I can say that I haven't already said and I don't want to overwhelm and bore you, so I'll start small.
As T.S. Eliot said, Home is Where One Starts From.
So that is where I'll start:

 I feel like our home should have a name because it is such a big part of our lives.  It definitely has a personality.  It is the background for most of our family pictures and many, many of our memories.  While in our twenties, our house was built by my husband and his dad on land that was gifted to us from my husband's parents.  Many friends helped out with the building of our house with FREE labor.  So you see, our home is truly a Labor of Love.

We have lived in this blessed home in the appropriately named community of Pleasant Valley for 31 years.
Click here to read the story of our home's cross.


A clue to some of our hobbies can be seen peeking out of the woods to the side of our home.
Hubbie's Tractor
My Greenhouse

Our vacation home on wheels

 Our yard is patrolled and protected by two fearless pets.  LOL  :)

Chocolate Chip

Oops, the tractor going down the road grabbed Chip's attention.

Maggie is camera-shy today.
I think she might be embarrassed about the new haircut she got.
She has to be sheared like a sheep in the summer, otherwise she would be one Hot Dog.

Our back yard is my on-going project.
I've brought down my garden size to these three little spots and love concentrating my efforts on them.  They're a lot easier to care for than the huge plot Hubby used to dig up for us to plant and for me to tend.  :)

Hannah and Noah, our two oldest grandchildren, ages 3 and 2, helped me plant the vegetable seeds in my Square-Foot garden.  And, as you can see by the bean blooms, they have both have green thumbs.

I'm glad I made these pictures today because I didn't know I already have jalapenos almost big enough to pick! 

I've got summer squash plants, a large oregano plant and tomato plants on the other side of the yard.

 And last but not least, in the middle of the back yard is a little flower garden that is purely for eye candy. 
No vegetables are found here.
This is the spot I see out my kitchen window while washing dishes, so I keep it happy and cheerful.

That's the end of my outdoor tour.
I'll save the inside for another day.
Hope you'll come back soon!


  1. Your gardens look so nice. I'll be planting some today and the rest tomorrow and Friday. Up here in MA, Memorial Day is the traditional date to plant our gardens.

    That your home was built by loved ones is so beautiful. You must have so many memories of that time.

    I read your post about the stone cross. Amazing how it just happened like that. I thought for sure it was something you requested.

  2. Hi, Dawn, and thanks for stopping by! Hope you have fun planting your garden. Here, in Alabama, we're able to plant pretty early and start harvesting early. I try to get my gardening done early in the mornings before the day heats up though.

  3. What lush greenery and beauty you have, Sherry! I love how you've made your garden doable in size. That's exactly what I'd like to do in our backyard - just a small space I can handle weeding and watering ;). I love your beautiful home and it's story. And seeing your tractor - not everybody has a nice red tractor! And you have another goody I hope to have one day, and that's your greenhouse...actually, I'd like a little shed. Plus the travel are so blessed! Wonderful post <3

  4. Thanks for stopping by Mary!

  5. Hi Sherry, Hope you are well! Do you ever think you will blog again? I do miss you!

  6. Hi Angela! Thanks for dropping by and for your inquiry. I would love to blog again and hopefully will one day. The main reason I stopped is because of my very slow internet service. We are very limited on choices of internet services in our rural area so it doesn't look very favorable right now. One can always hope though. I think about blogging often and miss the many friends I made during it.


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