Sunday, January 10, 2010

The first of my colorful skirts...

...I warned you, I'm not a model. Anyway, this is one of my new skirts. This one is probably the least colorful of the ones I have made. I bought this fabric at Hobby Lobby, and using an a-line skirt pattern that I had, I added the pleats. I'm not great at changing patterns around. I usually have to purchase a new pattern for every style that I want to make. But, I couldn't find a skirt pattern with the pleats like I wanted. With a lot of help from Hubby, and through trial and error, I ended up with a pattern I really like! (I donated the first skirt I made to the thrift store because it came out way too big for me and I was so sick of working with it that I didn't want to try to alter it to fit.)

I'll be posting pictures of the other skirts as I wear them in the next few weeks. It's a little too cold to be wearing skirts right now. I did wear this one to church this morning, but I have on sweater tights with it!


  1. You did an amazing job Sherry. Your skirt is very pretty..I just love the fabric..and your outfit looks great. It's been so long since I've sewn any clothes for myself,that I doubt I could. I will try to be encouraged by you.

  2. Hello Sherry,

    Oh if only I can sew myself LOL I think it's just great to be able to buy a fabric and create and experiment something with it.

    I came by way of Pink Saturday and welcome you on your first PS :-) Your birthday card is so sweet with the little girl and lamb.


  3. Lovin' it Sherry! Whoo hoo! LOVE THAT FABRIC, too!


  4. Hi Sherry! Welcome to blogland!!! Your blog is adorable! The piggie is so cute!! So happy you started to blog! The ladies you connect with are all so amazing and it will totally enrich your life for the better! Thank you so so so much for you lovely sweet comment you left on my blog. :)
    Have fun sewing, your skirt is so cute!! Smiles,Jenn

  5. You are so talented. I remember when I was much younger I used to sew some of my own clothes.... I recently got my machine out to make some pillows.

  6. Well this is great. You inspire me to try it. I sew all the time but quilting and other small things not clothing for myself anymore. I have a skirt pattern I bought and need to try it. Good going.


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