Sunday, January 24, 2021

Things making me happy on this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon:

Grabbing take-out from Arby's, taking it to a park, and enjoying it there along with the company of my sweet hubby.


Blue skies, a soft breeze, lots of sunshine, 62 degree temp, and a great walking trail around a big, big lake.

A festive air still hanging around the park with the park's Christmas lights still in place.

An Indian mound to climb up on and view the whole park.
(And we did!)

A comfortable place to sit down and rest from all our walking.
In the background I could hear the creek bubbling along behind the swing, birds singing their happy tunes, a train whistle a few miles away.
Ahhh, peace....

And something else that makes me happy are good quotes.  I've mentioned before (here) that I am a collector of quotes and here are two that I found just today that just seemed to fit my day perfectly.


"Ice cream is exquisite.  What a pity it isn't illegal."  


Oh, speaking of ice cream, this little Jamocha shake added quite a bit to my happy day.                                  

Friday, January 22, 2021

My Ipod Classic died...


...may she rest in peace.
Bless her little scratched-up face.
(I've dropped her on concrete or in the road so many times.)

My Ipod Classic died after many, many years of faithful service.  We have been through a lot together, good times and bad times.  She has kept me company on my daily walks for miles and miles and miles.  She's kept me occupied with happy podcasts, books, or music while I do my "house blessing" each week.  

She talked to me while I planted the garden in the spring and raked leaves in the fall. She was always in my apron pocket when I was peeling and canning summer vegetables.  She was cheering me on while I made jelly.  I never got bored with any of my kitchen chores when she was in my pocket.

She was with me way back when I still had children at home and I would listen to her as I waited for piano lessons or soccer practices to be  over.

She even went with me to the surgery center when my sweet hubby was having a little minor surgery years ago.  She kept me company there and consoled me.

She calmed me down when I've been anxious, woke me up when I was sleepy, and wound me down when I was wired but tired.

I miss her and grieve her passing, but life must go on, so my search began for her replacement.  I'm not replacing her with another IPOD because ITunes and Windows 10 battle in my computer and I am always the loser.

You know what I found out while searching for a new MP3 player?  They have evidently gone the route of land-line phones, wrist watches and Richard Simmons work out tapes.  And of the ones available, there doesn't seem to be any "middle-of-the-road" models.  Meaning, they are very inexpensive (cheap) or very, very expensive.  And I usually go for middle-of-the-road everything.  Hey I practically live in the middle of the road.

I want a player that I can load my old Blog Talk Radio podcasts on, my audio books that I borrow (for free) from my library's online source, and yeah, a little music.  

I guess everybody just puts everything on their smart phones and goes their merry way.  But guess what?  You guessed it, I don't have a smart phone.  I had one, but didn't like it.  I don't need it.  Nobody gets a cell phone signal at our "house in the country" anyway, so I'll keep my little granny Tracfone for emergencies.  I'm so not a phone person.  To me, one of the best things about going camping was leaving the phone behind.  But we gave up our landline (the same phone number we'd had for 38 years!), and got an internet phone about a year ago.  So guess what?  Hubby now takes it camping with us!

Anyway, back to the Mp3 player.  I bought one little cheapo and it was horrible.  It did ugly things to my perfect little playlists I had on my old Classic IPOD.  Well, not to those specifically, they died with her.  I didn't have everything backed up that was on her, so some of my purchased books are gone for good too.

So, that new player has died already, and it's only three days old! What!?  I'm so sending that stinker back.  I've ordered another one.  (I hope Amazon doesn't mind that I borrowed her picture from them.)

Yeah, she's a cheap-o too, like $25, so I don't have a lot of expectations for her, but maybe she'll get me by until I find the perfect replacement to keep me company for many happy years to come.  And hey, she's pink!

What about you?  Do you listen to audio books, podcasts, whatever, on a MP3 player?  If you have a recommendation, I'd love to hear it.  I really want one with "bookmarks" to keep my place when I have to stop in the middle of a chapter.  Little pink lady above, is advertised as having them.  We shall see.

Post linked to Pink Saturday.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

About My Blog

 Feel free to just skip this post if you have no interest.  Really, I won't be offended.  Actually, I really won't even know if you do skip it.  

I just wanted to write a little about my objectives for my seemingly pointless blog with its random posts.

So, here they are, 

"My Objectives for my Seemingly Pointless Blog" :

  • a place to come to where you can feel a warm, comforting voice (albeit, with a Southern accent)
  • a place where secrets can be told (and kept) and no judgments are made
  • a place where you can meet a very imperfect lady (me!) that's not scared to poke fun at herself
  • hopefully, a place from which you can leave with a smile on your face and want to come back and visit again
And that's pretty much it.   

 I know I don't always meet all these goals, but they're what I shoot for.

Hey, and thanks for coming by!  Please come often.


My needs are simple and basic but I do have cravings, especially in the winter.  

I crave rich, warm (mostly sweet), comfort foods.  (That's why I made a chocolate pie for sweet hubby and me today.)

But my biggest winter craving is for

                                                c o l o r !

I've added color everywhere I can.

It's been added to my bathroom in the form of a bright, happy shower curtain.

It's under my favorite mug in my
reading corner.

It shows up in my outfit of the day.

Yeah, I know I'm breaking all the rules by dressing in such bright colors at my "advanced" age.  
And I don't know about ya'll, but I am t-i-r-e-d of rules!  So this is my way of rebelling...

... wink, wink.

Sorry, but I can't wink only one eye, they work in tandem.


Hope you're having a colorful, happy day!

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Good News!

 I heard the great news that 

Happiness is Viral  !!!

Here's what's making me happy right now...

... a cuddly new robe I got for Christmas...

(I love curling up in it for my nightly movie.)

... warm vanilla scents...

(Warm Vanilla Sugar for my perfume and Vanilla Buttercream to put in the diffuser for my home's perfume 😊)

...soft, peaceful music playing throughout my home...

... but most of all, time with my precious grandchildren!

P.s.  The chance of snow added to our weather forecast makes me smile too!  It's only a 30 % chance, but for this Alabama girl, that's enough to get my hopes up!