Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have you ever had daydreams about a purse?

I know, it's pretty pathetic when your life is reduced to day dreaming about purses...but what's a girly girl to do when she lives in a house with all guys? I have to retreat into my own daydreams and blogland for a little escape from all the hunting/fishing talk. I sure miss my Heather girl. My own little girly-girl moved off to Indiana for grad school. We had a lot of girl talk and giggles to catch up on while she and her new husband were here for Christmas! Love you, Heather and Matt!

...oh well, back to the purse! I found this beautiful treasure at Sally's (Salvation Army) on Saturday but didn't buy it! I thought it would be one of those passing fancys. You know the kind, you love it, but you never think about it again after walking out of the store. But, not so this time. I thought about this little blue beauty several times Saturday evening, and then again when I dressed for church Sunday morning. Look at my outfit in my last post. Wouldn't that purse have been perfect for it? So, what did I do about it? I got up early Monday morning, and ignoring the single-digit temps and all the to-do's on my list, pointed my car to that Sally's and took off, praying the purse would still be there. I got there early, too early, they weren't even open yet! So, I had to wait...wait...wait...to see if "my" purse was still there waiting for me. And it was!!!! I grabbed it up and ran to the cash register, plunked down my $5.99 and brought her home where she will be loved, cherished, and carried! I have quite a few purses in my closet now to keep her company. I've just lately added most of these. I used to carry the same old purse around all the time just because I hate changing over all that stuff! But I found, or made, a solution to that problem. I made a little zippered bag to hold all those tiny things that end up in the bottom of my purse... and here it is...

It has certainly made that dreaded task of swapping purses easier. I found the tutorial for this bag on the internet...I don't remember exactly where, but I still have the web address written down here. If anyone is interested in making your own organizing miracle, just leave me a note in the comments and I'll be happy to send the address for the tutorial.

Now, on to other things I've been up to lately...

...I do have a reason for showing you this picture of my dirty dishes. I cleaned out my refrigerator this morning. Now, what to do with all those little pieces of leftovers...make vegetable soup! Yes, my soup is now happily bubbling away in my slow cooker while I run out and do my errands...I'll cook the cornbread when I get home.

And now for the last thing I'll bore you with this morning. I have finally found out how to hem blue jeans and leave that "factory" hem on them! I wish I had found out how to do this years ago, as my whole family is "vertically challenged." But, better late than never! Here's a picture of the hem on the jeans I shortened just this morning. What do you think?


  1. Hey Sherry sweetie...
    Love the purse, ofcourse I love blue. I also love the stew in the pot. I fix a lot of left over into stew too, and always use the crock pot. So much easier, and only one pan for cleanup.

    But I gotta tell you. I think you need to be sharing the wealth on the infor for hemming the jeans. I was scrolling down looking, and nothing. Come one now. Where is it hiding? We all want to have that factory look. Another post is calling ya?

    Country hugs sweetie. Thanks for sharing. Sherry

  2. I love the purse..that color is so soft and sweet..and the little bag is just as cute as can be.What a great idea.

  3. Hello Sherry.... Love Love the purse,,it was meant for you... just waiting for you too bring her home,,, I am a purse nut and a huge shoe nut. hey you day is not boring to me at all I enjoyed reading all about it... now you have to share how you did those jeans.... they look so great... so fess up and dish.... please... I have had not luck at that....

    have a great week.

  4. I love your post! I am always daydreaming about Kathy Van Zeeland handbags. The blue bag is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hmm.. Do I love purses?.. Oh my goodness, Sherry, if we could just get together and chat over even just ONE cup of tea! (0; I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all kinds of purses, and have quite a collection myself! Not so much designer as just a very wide assortment! The trick is how to organize them. I had a nice system in the old house, but have not yet set one up here!.. But I change my purses all the time.. We girly girls HAVE to match, and look just right, you know! LOVE your new bag! Good to hear you ran back to get it! LOVE that! We have to treat ourselves once in a while at least! ~tina

  6. Hello sweet friends! Thank you for your kind comments. For those of you that asked about hemming jeans, here is a link to a great tutorial:

    Hemming jeans this way is really simple and I think you'll be very happy with the results. Hope you all have a great day...Sherry

  7. Hi Sherry,
    I too daydream about purses all the time!!!
    I am a collector actually!!LOL
    I have many many purses- not sure if I have more purses or tea cups!!
    It was a great deal!!! I love the color too!!!
    Way to go!!

  8. That is a divine color of blue on your new purse, and you did well to buy it.

  9. I am so glad your purse was still waiting for you when you returned to "sally's". I used to have a big passion for purses, had so many different colors... I used to make scarfs to match them during the winter. orange, purple, etc. I love the dishes... my fave blue.. the blue on my kitchen walls. I used to take out all my leftovers and make hodge podge soup.


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