Thursday, January 21, 2010

I have high hopes!

I actually have the audacity to think that I, an inexperienced crocheter, can turn this ...

into a baby gift! I have a sweet friend that is expecting not just her first baby, but her first two babies! Yes, she is expecting twins...a boy and a girl! Her baby shower is Feb. 7, and I have high hopes that I can make not one, but two!, baby afghans. The art of crochet is still somewhat new to me. I mean, I didn't grow up crocheting. My mother and both my grandmothers crocheted, but for some reason I never had the desire to learn. I always wanted to be a little different. No one in my family knitted, so when I was about twelve years old, I bought myself a "teach yourself to knit" book at the grocery store for 29 cents. Armed with this little 3 x 4-inch book, a skein of borrowed yarn, and two pencils, yes pencils, I learned the basic knit and purl stitches. I never went on to be very fancy with my knitting skills, but I do get by. I can make basic scarves and caps. My greatest accomplishment ever was a pair of puppet mittens I made my daughter when she was about three years old. I wish I had kept those, just to show myself what I can do when I set my mind to it. Well, about three years ago, I decided I wanted to learn to crochet...hadn't I already proven to everyone that I'm "different"? After picking up that first crochet needle, there has been no turning back! But, my biggest problem is that I go about this craft like everything else I do...wide open! I'm either wide-open or sound-asleep, there's no in-between for me. The result? The tangle of thread in the picture above. This is what I have after a week's work, and changing my mind on the pattern three times. You know, the thread gets kind of wrinkly after raveling it out three times. Okay, so I've made up my mind. I have chosen THE pattern and...

...I'm all set up for a rainy day, spent indoors crocheting up a pink fog! What's in my chair, you ask? Well...right in front is my IPOD, loaded with an audio book and pink earplugs. Next to that, you will probably recognize that hideous tangle of yarn. Next in line, my cute roll of crochet needles. And, lastly mentioned, but all important, that little pink pillow-looking thing in back? That's my corn bag. It's a little bag I made and filled with feed corn. I throw it in the microwave, on high, for a little over one minute. I lay it in my lap and it keeps me nice and toasty for quite a while. That should be enough to keep me busy today, at least in between house cleaning chores, homeschooling my son, and cooking supper. I'll keep you up on my wip(work in progress)...check back often!

P.S. Don't forget to come back for Pink Saturday. I've been playing with my new camera and I'm excited about some of my pictures. I'm hoping to make my Pink Saturday post some time Friday afternoon (told you I'm different :).

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  1. Well, Sherry.. It sounds like a plan, and that's better than no plan at all! Can't wait to see how you come along with this first baby blanket, and I'm sure the mother-to-be will love both of them! ~tina


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