Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am a STAR!

Leslie, AKA Missus Smarty Pants, has my picture on her newsletter this week, as a "What to Wear!" Have you met Missus Smarty Pants? Meeting her three years ago changed my life for the better. She certainly has a way with style and loves to share it with others. She teaches you how to make the best of the body you're in, resulting in a healthier self-image. She loves what she does so much that a lot of her help is free! She has a free weekly newsletter that she will email right to you. She also has a weekly Blog Talk radio show which I download on my IPOD and listen to as I do my home chores. If you need more help you can purchase a profile and get lots more information every week, including a shopping guide. She is good for a girl on a budget. She tells you how to use your new-found fashion knowledge whether you are shopping at the mall or a thrift store. And, the best thing, if you have any questions about style, you can email her and she, or someone that works with her, will get back with you with an answer to your query. It's like having your own personal fashion consultant! Sorry for the advertisement, but I was just so excited about my picture being in her newsletter this week that I just had to share. Want to see? Here's the Link. (My picture is the second one down just in case you wonder. LOL) You won't want to stop with the newsletter though, check out her whole website, it's so much fun and she is so upbeat. Her radio show will be on this afternoon. Maybe you'll get a chance to listen. And, if you talk to her or email her, tell her Sherry from Alabama sent you. (Nope, no kick-back for me.)

I hope you're having a great week so far. I am preparing for a trip to Indiana to see my girl this weekend, but I'll have a post up for Pink Saturday. Hope you come back for a visit.


  1. Oh Sherry! You look great!! I have never heard of this site before, but will give it a closer look now! When I have time, I LOVE playing with clothes, makeup, and accessories, and I definitely treat my things as my own little "boutique"!! It's part of being creative, and it's fun! ~tina

  2. Very interesting......thank you for sharing.Trish

  3. I was inspired by your post on the cute little purse that you made and then pulled out. I have been resting all week and just realised yesterday that all this time off of my feet I could have had yarn on my hands. I have made two little purses and plan to make 2 more for some little friends of mine.
    A friend in Florida has 10 children. Six are girls. What great treats the four youngest girls will have to play with. I can hardly wait to see their expressions.


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