Monday, June 28, 2010

Extending My Weekend

I had the kind of weekend I always dream of but rarely comes about...

I got up very early Saturday morning, before my guys got up, and spent some enjoyable time visiting my Pink Saturday friends while sipping my first cup of coffee. Then my sweet Neil got up and made pancakes for the family.

After breakfast I puttered around in my flower garden, pulling weeds and adding mulch, while my guys took care of other yard work. Then we all got showers and freshened up to go to our favorite little home-owned hamburger place for burgers, fries, and lots of sweet iced tea.

Sunday found us up early, ready for church, my favorite place to refresh my spirit. After coming home and lunching on pizza and fresh veggies we all relaxed with our hobbies. One read, one worked puzzles, one had some uninterrupted computer time, one napped a little, then read a little, then did a little artwork. Neil and I took a walk down our little country road in the early evening, after the sun began to sink and the air was cooling.

It was such a wonderful weekend that I wanted it to go on and on and on... So, to prolong the feeling a little, I got up and spent a little more time in my garden on this Monday morning before the heat got too high. I was able to admire the marigolds I grew from seeds this year. They're almost as tall as I am.

A contented bumblebee hummed me a song while I visited my little garden.

Now I'm refreshed and ready to get my chores done. It was such a lovely way to start a start a week.


  1. Dear Sherrie, I agree, you have a great start off to a new week. I enjoyed this post and have a lot of catching up to do on your blog since I met you. ..and I am glad I did. I am trying to get back to the norm since getting home late yesterday from a week-end trip. :) Gerry

  2. you have a beautiful garden!

  3. Just lovely, Sherry! I can't wait to start gardening again! ♥

  4. Beautiful my friend. I love to dig in the dirt. LOVELY GARDEN!

    Love to you~


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  6. Thanks for the lovely visit to your garden. Beautiful!

  7. Seeing your marigolds made me remember that it has been years since I have seen marigolds this tall we use to have them when I was growing up...wonder what happen... are your a older variety or maybe all I see are the ones already potted for sale....they brought back some old memories. Trish

  8. Sherry, your garden looks like such a lovely place to be. Your flowers are so pretty. I hope you have a wonderful week! Twyla

  9. Puttering in the garden is just plain fun.


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