Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Looks Like Love to Me

Tonight is the fourth, and last night of VBS for this year. It has been a beautiful week with some very precious children. I was the director. I am a very reluctant leader. I much prefer to be a follower. I don't like having to make executive decisions. I would rather be told what to do and then go do it. I had already decided that I wouldn't be the director ever again, just a helper. I don't handle stress well. But then last night .... here comes little seven year old Caleb...he is looking up at me with those big blue eyes...he is reaching up to me...and in his clenched fist he holds a present for Mrs. Sherry....

....I don't about you, but it looks like love to me.


  1. Those big blue eyes will get you every time. Yes it looks like lots of love to me!!

  2. Oh how sweet! and I know how you feel about being a leader - but it seems to be my lot in life!


  3. Someone appreciate your leadership. Trish


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