Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lose 25 Pounds in One Week!

Just joking, but I got your attention didn't I? Seriously, I think there is some validity to the claims that Apple Cider Vinegar can help with keeping weight down and possibly aid in losing a few pounds. My boys joke that they can't come up with an ailment that ~according to Mom~ Apple Cider Vinegar can't cure.

Here is a quote from the Earth Clinic website:

Apple Cider Vinegar, that wonderful old-timers home remedy, cures more ailments than any other folk remedy -- we're convinced! From the extensive feedback we've received over the past 8 years, the reported cures from drinking Apple Cider Vinegar are numerous. They include cures for allergies (including pet, food and environmental), sinus infections, acne, high cholesterol, flu, chronic fatigue, candida, acid reflux, sore throats, contact dermatitis, arthritis, and gout. Apple Cider Vinegar also breaks down fat and is widely used to lose weight. It has also been reported that a daily dose of apple cider vinegar in water has high blood pressure under control in two weeks!

Apple Cider Vinegar is also wonderful for pets, including dogs, cats, and horses. It helps them with arthritic conditions, controls fleas & barn flies, and gives a beautiful shine to their coats!

If you can get over the taste of apple cider vinegar, you will find it one of the most important natural remedies in healing the body. As a wonderful side effect of drinking apple cider vinegar every day, we've discovered that it brings a healthy, rosy glow to one's complexion! This is great news if you suffer from a pale countenance.

Wow! I've never known anything else with such a wide variety of health claims! You can check out Earth Clinic's website (link above) for testimonial after testimonial and dosage suggestions. I take one tablespoon of vinegar in a half cup of apple juice in the morning and one tablespoon at night in a cup of cold or hot water. I'm convinced it helps me with my weight maintenance and overall general health.

According to most authorities to get the optimum benefits you should use unfiltered, unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar with the "mother." I order mine from SwansonVitamins.com. I think $1.62 is cheap for 16 ounces of a miracle cure. But, I've heard of some people that use the plain old cheap pasteurized apple cider vinegar from the grocery store and get good results.

Have you tried it? Do you plan to? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Good Morning Sherry Sweetie...
    You little stinker. Had me whipping over here to find the way to lose 25 pounds in a week? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You are just to cute.

    I have never tried this. Don't know if I could get it down. Have you tried it yet? Let me know how you feel after taking it for a week, and then maybe? Just maybe???

    Hope you are well sweetie. Have a gorgeous day.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Sherry,
    Ha! Gotcha didn't I? Yes, I do use the vinegar and have for quite a while now. I lost 22 pounds over five years ago on the Weight Watcher's At Home Plan and I think the vinegar is what has helped me beat the odds to keep it off. If I leave the vinegar off for a while, I see the scale inching upward. As soon as I start with it again, my weight comes back down to its normal number. It is a taste you have to get used to. But now my apple juice tastes too bland without it. Let me know if you try it.

    Well, I'm off to the grocery store before the temperature gets up to 100! Hope you have a wonderful day too!

    Love ya!


  3. HA, HA, HA! You got me, too! I've heard these claims but since I have Crohn's disease I can't do these kinds of things ... I'll just watch you all ... Good for you, glad it works.

    Have a beautiful summer day ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Let's see Apple Cider Vinegar is the quickest way to land me in the hospital with severe Gastritis!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!
    I will be back.....

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I have heard some of these claims about vinegar. I wonder if it is as helpful for high blood pressure as they claim? My sister has to take meds for that.

  6. Thanks for your sweet comment, Sherry! and I'd like a couple of weeks worth of that miracle diet!! I may try the apple cider vinegar and the cool towels sound great too.

  7. You knew we couldn't resist this 25 pounds lost in one week! You are too funny! I might give this a try, I would use in the apple juice I think for a start. Hmmmm you have me intrigued!

  8. Well when I seen the title....before I even read it I said to myself well I don't know what this is but whatever I'm going to try it....Shucks... you were pulling my leg..lol..I have heard this about vinegar...I've tried it with honey and water....but not for long....seem to me I read where it makes your body acidy not sure I'm going to look it up.

  9. Hi Sherry!
    Oh that's so funny! I just used it the other night for some indigestion that I had and it really helped it. I do have a problem with the taste and almost gage everything I drink it...I might try your idea of putting it in juice...
    Thanks for the additional information and you have convinced me to start using it every day. I buy the organic kind that I can actually find in my grocer's nutritional section.


  10. Are you just supposed to take a spoonful and drink it? That might pause my appetite for a little bit:)

  11. I love cider vinegar, my G-Mom was German and it was prevalent in our foods! She lived to a healthy 98, I know she drank it but we never discussed why. This is food for thought...

  12. I have tried it and found it refreshing. Unfiltered apple cider from the health store with water and honey. Just use a straw to drink it so it doesn't damage your teeth. Also, warm it up with a little honey in wintertime - it's delicious.
    As to weight loss, I didn't stick with it for a long time. But, I had a forum friend who has drunk it now for years just for the health benefits. I think the waist on my jeans did get looser (at the time).

  13. Thanks for visiting me and I've heard that before...just haven't tried it. Maybe.... sometime...
    Deb :)

  14. Sammia,
    I wouldn't take it straight. I would think it would burn your throat that way. I always mix it in juice or water.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  15. HHMMMMMM. For allergies you say......I might have to try that. I have horrible allergy to mold, mildew, and fungus. I'm a floral designer (38 yrs now..started when I was 11) and do the Brown Gingham stuff on the side. They say I have aquired this over time. I'll try anything that'll help. I do know first hand vinegar helps with bad sunburn. In the 60's Dad got a terrible sunburn in Fl. The skin actually cracked. Vinegar helped.
    He said his Grandma used it on him up on the farm the first sign of redness when he was a kid.
    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog the other day! Now that we know where each other is in blogland...let's not be strangers!

  16. My husband swears by it. He takes it 2 or 3 times a day when he's got a cold or sinus infection. He says it clears him right up. I tried it a couple of times, but couldn't get over the taste. I guess I'll have to try again.

  17. I'm wondering if I buy two bottles if I will lose 50 pounds. I have a friend who puts a teaspoon in water and drinks it for his blood pressure.
    My bother use it in his rinse water and said it takes out more of the soap and works as a fabric softner, plus it keeps his drains clean.

  18. My husband was told to use it for the little skin tags (small moles) he gets on his face. Seems to have many uses. And I have friends who believe that vinegar is not good for dieting because they read some bogus email that's floating around out there. I don't use bought salad dressings -- always mix my own with wonderful olive oil from Jordan, lemon juice and always a dash of vinegar.

    Best wishes for a great day! :) Tammy

  19. Sherry, I heard about this miracle cure when I was a teenager (Many years ago). My mom checked a book out of the library that told of the miracle of drinking apple cider vinegar. They suggested you put a dab of honey in your cider and water mixture. We've been drinking it all these years and still think it's a wonderful idea. I have heard it used as a diet aide and believe there is some validity to it. Thanks for a very interesting post! Twyla

  20. I have never tried this. I have a sister that thinks vinegar and Vicks will cure any and everything.

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the super sweet comment! It made my day.

    Apple cidar vinegar is also good for getting rid of build up on your hair. Get a cheap spray bottle from Wal-mart, fill half with ACV and half with water. Once a week, spray it over wet hair and wait about three minutes, then rinse it out and condition (to mask the smell!). It makes your hair super shiny and clean. I've been doing it for years.

  22. I'm going to try it in my twin (chocolate/vanilla mix) ice cream cone dipped in chocolate from The Cone Palace tonight! I'll let you know how it works.


  23. Love this post! Vinegar in any form will help with indegestion- since in most cases it is caused by not having enough acid to digest your food. I use sweet pickle juice- 1 inch in a juice glass a day for my arthritis and it helps with water retention also. That's how you get your weight loss!
    When I have bad days, I do it twice a day.
    Hugs- Tete


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