Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yesterday was no ordinary Monday...

...by no means! It started out with a love note from God. He sent me this beautiful unexpected bloom trellising up my garden bench. He even attached a heart leaf to show how much He loves me.

Then a special friend came by with some special gifts just for me. While visiting her daughter in another state, Sharon came upon some things she knew I would love. She knows me so well. She found some cups to replace some that had recently been broken at our home. This special set of dishes was a wedding gift from my mother-in-law over 29 years ago, and we still use them every day.

Sharon also found this beautiful pink bowl for me. Oh my, Sharon, it is so happy in its new home! After a nice visit with Sharon, I walked down to my mailbox and found another surprise. A package from my sweet daughter! And inside the package were the beautiful soft green napkins that you can see cuddled up inside my new pink bowl.

The package held not only the lovely napkins~which go so well with all my soft pinks~but it also contained a sweet-sweet note from my sweet-sweet little girl. Like Sharon, she had found something while out treasure hunting that made her think of me.

You three ~ Heather, Sharon, and my Heavenly Father ~ will never know how special, and how loved you made me feel with your unexpected gifts. Thank you all! I love you!


  1. What a special friend you have! Love the pink bowl. Have a blessed day. Debbie

  2. I am so glad Sharon found you those cups. I kept looking but never saw any! I love that pink bowl and those adorable napkins. Best of all the love note from God. What a blessed day you had.

  3. What a special day filled with beauty, friendship and lovely gifts. What a great way to start your week. Blessings :) Tammy

  4. Sounds like you had a great day-enjoy!

  5. A great post on the great gifts. You really got it all in one day. Each things was special in in its own way. Like your friend, no matter where I am, I see things for others. Even for my blogging friends. I never look or buy much for myself, its always for others. You have truly been blessed.

  6. Would you put in a good word for me I want him to send me a pretty flower.....I am so glad that you had so many blessing come your way. God Bless Trish


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