Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeling Like a Kid Again

When I smelled my new shampoo the other day it reminded me of how, as a girl I used to love to wash my hair at our outdoor hydrant with my favorite shampoo, Clairol Herbal Essence.  Oh why not? It was a very warm day, I was home alone....again....and enjoyed my alfresco shampoo immensely.  I wonder if the Fed Ex man was surprised when I walked around the house with my hair bound up in a towel to get the package he brought?


  1. Hee-hee! Oh yes, Herbal Essence! I still remember the comercial! ♥

  2. Dont worry I'm sure that the Fedex man has seen a lot and I mean a lot more than just a lady with her head in a

  3. Too funny! At least you were dressed when the Fed Ex man came...I've been caught in a towel right out of the shower...and I really needed to sign for my pkg!

    I miss Herbal Essence shampoo teens we washed our hair after swimming & sunbathing in the backyard...there is nothing like washing hair al fresco!

    Thanks for the memories, Sherry!


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