Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I do when I'm home alone...

I hang all my sewn-by-me skirts out on the clothesline to admire.  Isn't that what everybody does?
I made this purple one this summer while I was going through my purple phase.  It's my favorite.

I love the green biased tape I put around the bottom of this skirt.  I like to think it makes it look like a very expensive skirt.  It's my favorite.

I made this one way back in January of this year when I was craving some color in my drab winter clothes.  The many colored sparkles reminded me of fireworks, just right for New Years.  It's my favorite.

I have a thrifted skirt that I just love wearing.  I love it because it has just two pleats in the front and none in the back.  Deciding I would make my own, I searched everywhere for a pattern just like it.  After coming up with nothing, I enlisted the help of my sweet hubby.  Using my plain A-line skirt pattern for a base, he re-worked it, adding the pleats that I so adored.  I made the following two skirts from that special, one-of-a kind pattern.  They're my favorites.

I feel guilty when I wear this skirt because it is so light and airy.  It's all softness and comfort, just like one of my favorite hankies.  The eyelet detail shows up in the second picture, below.  I love wearing this skirt with a lacy aqua tank top in the summer.  It's my favorite.

This skirt may look a little plain-jane compared to the brighter colors of the others, but it contains its own little inside secret...

It has a racy-lacy hem.  It's my favorite.

This skirt makes me happy when I just look at it and I just glow all over when I put it on.  I sometimes let its colors stand alone by pairing it with a black or gray top, but other days I go all out and wear it with a bright pink top. On those days I have a perpetual smile on my face.  It's my happy skirt. Shhh, don't tell the others, but it's my real favorite.

So, there you have it.  This is what I do when I'm home alone.  What do you do? 

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  1. This was a fun post.I like that all of them are your favorites.How could you go wrong with all that beauty.

  2. Ooo, those are some happy, pretty skirts! They're my favorite :)

  3. A VERY CUTE POST, Sherry!!! I loved seeing ALL your "favorite" skirts today, and love even more that you made them all yourself! It's been a rough summer for me, as I discovered I could no longer FIT into some of my own favorite home-sewn skirts.. I'm NOT happy about this!!.. but perhaps it is a good thing, that upon this startling discovery, I start taking better CARE of myself?.. Ya think?! I don't know... I guess I'll give it a try! (0; Have a great weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  4. Very nice! Your REAL favorite is my favorite!

  5. I love them all! And now I have to get busy making me some. You have inspired me!

  6. Loved your colorfull post - it's my favorite - tehe! I'm having clothesline envy. Such a clever way to photograph your skirts.

  7. I have just finished reading every word of your blog, from the very beginning to the very end, and ... what can I say Ms. Sherry? You never cease to amaze me. Its now on my favorites list. Now I feel like I can visit you whenever I want. THIS IS GREAT!

  8. I think it's so cool that you seem to have such a "signature" item in your wardrobe - and that you made them yourself! The soft blue and white floral is my favorite :-)

  9. Good for you!! Those skirts looks incredible. Great pictures too. :-)

  10. Pretty skirts, I love the pruple one too


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