Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cranking out the Projects

I am very satisfied with the first day of   "Finish Up My Projects Week."  Here's some pictures:

I found what I thought was the perfect mirror at Kirklands.  But after my husband and son struggled to hang the over 6' long, very heavy, black thing, it overpowered the dining room.  So....


 ...the next day, I got one of my S-T-R-O-N-G guys to haul it outside and put it on our somewhat rickety old sawhorses where I immediately got to work with taping, sanding and painting.  I gave it two coats of the same paint I used for my hamper makeover.

 Then I added some shiny gold to the beadwork.

And to add a splash of color to the room I rolled out my newly finished table runner.  I bet you forgot about that project that I started way back here didn't you?

I like the room so much better now.  The huge mirror frame kind of recedes into the wall letting the beauty of the reflections shine through.  


Don't forget to leave me a comment,  I'd love to hear some girly thoughts. Now I'm off to finish up more projects while I'm on a roll! 


  1. Your mirror looks great, and I'm lovin' your yo-yo runner! It's so cheerful:@)

  2. That really brightened up the room! Love it!

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  4. I saw this mirror last week. You've outdone yourself w/the transformation!

  5. The runner AND the mirror look great! What did you use for the gold highlights?
    I can't wait to see if you do a cedar chest makeover! Thanks for visiting Red Hen Home!

  6. WOW! When I saw the mirror with the black frame I was thinking I liked it just fine. But the new Caramel Latte finish is gorgeous! You are right, it looks so much better. Nice job!


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