Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I bought myself a gift yesterday...

...just in case I get cut from Santa's "nice" list for some reason. :)


  1. Pretty! You??? cut from the nice list?? NEVER!!

  2. Hi Sherry, I love the tea towels you are working on. I want to find some storebought towels that I can embroider on. I've never crocheted as an edging but a friend does baby washcloths like that so I want to give that a go too. Such a lovely way to spend your time. I'm sure you are at the top of Santa's list! Holiday wishes, Tammy

  3. There is no reason why you would get cut from Santa's nice list.As a matter of fact,I bet he has some extra special gift for you.:) The flowers are beautiful anyway you look at it.

  4. Hi Sherry~loooove your pretty Christmas bouquet! I bought myself one that's almost identical ;) And, I have that exact same green vase! Love your pretty arrangement in it.
    Mmmm, that coconut pie looks delish. I just might hit the kitchen and make one for us. Thanks for sharing the recipes. Merry Christmas all year long!


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