Thursday, February 10, 2011

There's no place like home

I wake up thinking about the smells of home this morning. The smell of the fresh coffee beans when I open the bag. It gets even better while grinding them, and then the brewing of the coffee....Ah, heaven on earth.

I get a little whiff of the smoky wood smell when sweet hubby opens the heater door to add more wood to the fire for his sweetie before he goes to work. That's true love.

The smell of yesterday's home made bread lingers in the air. I so enjoyed the mixing and the kneading. A great stress release. That is, if I had any stress to relieve. I was very happy with the results from a new-to-me recipe. Yeast Corn Bread Loaf it's called. Very easy to make and very yummy served warm with real butter. You can get the recipe here.  It looks perfect doesn't it?

But just to prove the old saying, "Looks can be deceiving," here's the other side. 

But that didn't hamper the flavor a bit. 

We have snow on the ground again this morning.  Our second measurable snowfall this year.  An uncommon occurrence in Alabama.  But, the beautiful white outdoors doesn't keep me from dreaming of spring.  The Lilly Pulitzer website fuels my spring dreaming.  I'm dreaming of pink sandals...

...and spending some time at my clothesline.  Nothing smells better than fresh air-dried laundry.  Well, maybe chocolate. :)

I wanted to get a picture of the beautiful Cardinals gathered around my snow capped bird feeder this morning, but I didn't want to venture out into the cold frosty air.  I know, I'm a chicken...but I'm a warm chicken.  So instead, I pulled out some of my old drawings and am presenting my own renderings of my clothesline and my Red Love Birds. 

Oh, and that reminds me, I must pull out my art supplies today and make my sweetie a Valentine.

Hope you have a lovely warm day.

~ Sherry ~

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  1. THe bread looks delicious,that together with a good cup of coffee,that's a meal in itself.

  2. Fresh hung laundry vs chocolates ... hmmmmm!? They both are wonderful!

    I am getting ready to bake bread from scratch ... just got an itch for it. Yours looks so yummy!

    Happy Valentine's ~
    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  3. Hi Sherry! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can almost smell everything you described! I would so love to have a wood fire stove... I love the smell of firewood. I also wish I could have smelled coffee this morning, but we woke up to the not so pleasant surprise of being out or coffee! Haha! I'm glad you have had such a pleasant morning filled with such lovely scents!

  4. What a great description of the smells of home. Loved seeing your drawings too...very good!

    Years ago we visited Alabama and stayed at Orange Beach. We had a lovely time visiting your state and the food was fantastic!

  5. Yum! I love cornbread so I am sure this loaf cornbread would be delish! Can't find cornmeal here right now though. :/ Looks like you are having some lovely homemaking kinda days. My favorite days are piddling around at home without any obligations or schedule. A bunch of states are getting blizzard-like conditions again. I can't believe even in the south ya'll are getting snow that actually sticks for a while. Never had that when I was growing up. Enjoy the rest of the day. Tammy

  6. Hey, Sherry. I thought we had gotten three snows this winter but I was in Tennessee at Christmas so I may have misunderstood that there was a white Christmas this year.

    My mother always said that the cake that fell always tasted better than the one that didn't. LOL I don't know if that's true but your cornbread loaf sure looks good to me.

    Kathy from JCHC

  7. Hi Sherry nice to meet you!
    You can almost smell that bread!
    Thanks for stoppin over:-)
    I am looking forward to visiting you agin, Blessings, Linnie

  8. Yum! The bread looks scrumptious. I miss the smell of fresh hung laundry. My mother used to hang our clothes in the spring & summer. The hubs and both boys have such bad allergies, that I can't even think about hanging our clothes out to dry.

  9. That bread looks yummy! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my "First Crochet Hat" post. I'm so glad I shared that because I'm meeting so many new people and learning so much about crochet! I'm in my 3rd week now and being unofficially disabled, this is really helping my day pass by and I'm left with cute things (rather than just surfing the internet exclusively!). Thanks! New follower, too.

  10. What a pretty post full of all kind of wonderful senses. Loved your drawings. Happy Pink Saturday.

  11. I just love your sweet, sunny spirit. You are so cheerful and I feel so good when I visit.:)
    BREAD !!

  12. Happy Pink Saturday!

    This bread looks delish!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  13. It smells like our house baked bread and laundry. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Joyce M

  14. Your bread looks delicious.. like my mother would say when she'd make cheesecake.. it's better when there's a crack in it! Laundry on the line is devine!

    Your Newest Follower
    Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

    (Happy Pink!)

  15. You have definitely awakened my sense of smell today! hmmm.. Delicious!
    Hope you have the sweetest of Pink Saturdays!

  16. Oh I love LOVE! Particularly when it is pink.

    Happy hearts day to you and yours.

  17. It goes without saying, You will have a happy valentines Day.
    Thank you for sharing the other side of the bread. Just proves that sometimes things aren't perfect- and it doesn't always matter.

  18. Happy Pink Saturday Sherry Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share today. I love bread, and I could smell that yeast before I even opened the page. Oh my goodness, give me a knife quick, I am lathering up a piece as we talk. LOVE it.

    Now fresh hung laundry. Yep did that today. It was 78 degrees here in the desert of Phoenix, and I got me a little Vitamin D, in between mopping floors. Everything smells wonderful in the breeze and the sun doesn't it?

    Chocolate, did you say chocolate? Love chocolate. Hope you get a big box for the wonderful upcoming occasion.

    I love your sketching of the male and female cardinal. How precious they are Sherry. It just took my breath away. You really are talented sweet friend.

    Hope you have a beautiful Pink Saturday and a lovely Valentine's Day.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  19. Ah homemade bread. It's cold here tonight in Florida (for us) and that bread and a cup of tea would be lovely. Happy Pink Saturday.


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