Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Touring my Little Closet

Missus Smarty Pants has been all about organizing closets this week. Since she asked for pictures of others folks' closets, I decided to make a post with pictures of mine. Don't feel obligated to stay and look through my meager little material goods (but I'll be very happy if you do!).

My closet is verrrrrry small by today's standards. It measures only 25" deep and less than 5 feet wide. So I must be selective with what I put in it. You won't find anything there that I don't wear on a regular basis.

Let's open the doors and look inside.

I used to have a very narrow wooden cabinet in my kitchen that I used to hold cookbooks.  My sweet hubby cut it in half for me so that I can use part of it on the top shelf of my closet for my purses and travel bags. (I plan to paint the inside of my closet and the shelves all the same light, light pink very soon.)

I put the other half of the cabinet on the floor of my closet and there I stash a fluffy pink bath robe, my box of tights, and a basket of recharging cords for my cell phone and IPod.

On the wall above the top shelf, my straw hat hangs on a small nail.

On the left inside closet door is the very-important full-length mirror.  Above the mirror is a hook on which I hang tomorrow's outfit after choosing it tonight, a la Flylady instructions.

And the right closet door sports a canvas rack with a dozen pairs of shoes.

On the closet floor left to right:  shelves, rack of shoes (with walking shoes and house shoes sitting handily in front), and a cardboard box holding my off-season clothes.  And sitting on top of the box...

...a basket holding my exercise mat and weights.

I have a hook and a couple of nails on the left side of the closet where I hang my gown, belts, and extra clothes pins.

This is my favorite kind of hanger. They're velvety....mmmmm.... My clothes love them.

They don't leave "wings" on the shoulders of my sweaters and they don't leave creases in pants where there shouldn't be any creases.  And don't you think they look neat all lined up on the rod?  The hangers are sold in lots of stores but the cheapest I have found were at the Dollar Tree. Two for a $1!  (I don't even want to count up how many dollars I've already spent on them and I still need a dozen more!)

My scarves are all on a regular wire hanger.  It hangs on the clothes rod and I can just pull it out, pop  it onto the door hook, and pick out a scarf when needed.

And hanging all the way to the right, peeking out from behind some clothes, is my prized possession.

This pink paisley cutie has 20 zippered pockets ~ on one side ~ and 20 on the other!  Yes, 40 pockets to hold my many multi-colored necklaces.  Can you see that I have them grouped by colors?

And this is the other treasure I found at TJ Maxx on the same day I found the beauty above.  It holds all my earrings, my shorter necklaces, and even a few of my bracelets! I love TJ Maxx for cute one-of-a kind treasures.

And there you have it. The grand tour of my little closet.  Thanks for joining me!  Don't forget to drop by and visit Missus Smarty Pants' fashion website and she also has a wonderful fashion blog.  She's taught me everything I know about the world of fashion! Thanks Leslie!  :)

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  1. So organized! I'm working on my whole house this year and organization. So maybe next year I would be willing to show my closets.

  2. Oh my gosh, YOUR closet is definitely putting MY closet to SHAME, Sherry! Yours looks great, and so easy to work with... while mine looks a little smaller though... (if I may scrounge for at least SOME kind of excuse!) ~tina

  3. Hi Sherry, thanks for taking a look at my blog and my closet/style file photos. Your closet setup is really neat and tidy. I hope you post pictures after you paint it pink. You used your space ingeniously! Are you going to be posting pictures of your Style File, too, as part of this week's Style Challenge?

  4. Sherry! Wow, oh wow!

    We HAVE to share this in Tueday's Chatter!

    You've got it going on! Great closet organization with lots of great photos!

    I'm so proud to have you as my SYSter in style!

    Love, Leslie MSP

  5. Thank you for sharing this will all of us Sherry through Missus Smarty Pants. It was very motivating to me. I just started my closet organization this week! You give me courage to keep going . . .

  6. brilliant little 'dressing room' you have there! thanks for letting us have a peek. Lots of great ideas for those of us who are still in clothes chaos :)

  7. Beautifully organised - but small? I have 3' of hanging space for me in my bedroom. What do others have?


  8. That is a beautiful closet Sherry. It looks like a little boutique that I would want to shop at, because all of the treasures are so beautifully displayed.

    You inspire me!

  9. Thank you so much for posting your pics and explanations! I loved reading about your wardrobe and all the little gadgets you have in there. I am intrigued by how you hang your skirts: do you attach clothes pegs to wire hangers? I can't quite see how it works but it looks really nifty. Gorgeous necklace holder!!

  10. This is really heartwarming, a joy to read and see. After dinner, I'm off upstairs to (finally) organize my closet!

  11. My daughter is a purse fiend. You have a great solution! It's off to the second hand stores for me to find something like that for her.

    I also love your jewelry solution. I like the look of boxes, but I've never found one that really works. This looks wonderfully useful.

    Thanks so much for sharing - very inspiring.

  12. I absolutely love your closet --the way you've arranged it and everything in it! It looks to me like all your clothes and jewelry are in good shape. I especially appreciate the hanger info. I've been wondering how well that particular type worked, I may try them since I had a nice boiled wool jacket ruined with "wings" from a hanger!

    I also love the beautiful photographs.

    In addition to treating yourself to a pretty pink paint job, may I suggest 3 big matching baskets for the shelves on the floor? Which reminds me, I love the handled basket with your workout items, too!

  13. i LOVE your closet...so adorable...i LOVE organization !!!

  14. I envy your closet. My husband and I were married for 9 months already so we are still making adjustments in our house which he inherited. We have a lot of things to change/fix so the closet is not yet in our list. I hope we could make my own closet. Thanks for sharing! :)


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