Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Purse" onality

Oh, I thought my post title was quite clever.  Please forgive my silliness but I'm perfectly giddy about my new purse!  I made it from scraps and with help from a free tutorial at ArtsyCraftyBabe, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Looks a little plain, you think?

But that's only on the surface. Take a closer look at the fabric. It's not just a plain ole canvas. It has texture, design! And if you take a peek inside you'll see a little color peeking back out at you.  It gets me to thinking about people.  There's more than just their outward appearance if I take the time to really get to know them. I had quite a few deep thoughts while out in my backyard snapping pictures of my new purse. :)

By just pinning a brooch on my bag I can have a different purse-onality each day.

I can be sentimental.

This pin was a Christmas gift from my children a few years ago.

The next four brooches belonged to my two grandmothers and my grandmother-in-law.  They are no longer alive but I think of them often, especially when wearing one of these special treasures.

And now comes pins for my color-full moods.

This one below is made of mirrors. It not only shows a glimpse of my mood, but catches and reflects
the mood of those I meet.

And yes~ sigh~ some days I feel quite dull and color-less. 

Oh, but now for the happy seasons!

Ever think of yourself as being unusual?  There's nothing wrong with that now, is there?  I consider this my most unusual brooch.  But look how cute unusual can be.  It's quite old and made from the tiny lens of a child's eyeglasses. I'm thinking someone decoupaged the picture many years ago. 

Here's the back of the pin.  I'm told it was probably from the 1950's.

And what mood am I in today?  Lady-like.  Classy. Victorian.  Yes, I have just the brooch to pin onto my purse for my mood of the day. Well,

I don't want to be too predictable.

And hey, I finished my flannel hankys I mentioned in my last post.  I just cut out little flannel squares, each one a different size but close to 8" x 8", and made a rolled hem with my serger.  Just in time for spring allergy season too!  I have one peeking out of my skirt pocket as I type.

Now that I've splurged on home-sewn gifts for myself, I'm going to make something for my poorly neglected home.  I'm working on a happy, cheerful 50's-look cafe curtain for my kitchen window.  I'll post pictures  (and maybe even a simple tutorial) of my dressed up window as soon as I finish my project! Please hurry back!



  1. Great way to show off all those pins. I have way too many pins myself...might have to make myself a purse as well but I need lots of pockets...

  2. You have the pins to change up your look! Gotta love it! I love cafe curtains, so I look forward to seeing yours.

    ~Ricki Jill

  3. Sherry, you KNOW how I LOVE purses, yes? Well, if not, NOW you do! Yours came out beautiful, and I LOVED looking at all your very pretty pins! What a gorgeous collection!.. Can't wait to see those curtains! ~tina

  4. That is a great purse! I read your first paragraph and was going to suggest you can embellishment up and down depending on the outfit or mood...great minds think alike;)

  5. I love reading your blog. It is so encouraging to me. Thanks for sharing the creative ideas with us.

    Love Rita

  6. Wow Sherry! You have a great collection of broaches. And your pretty purse is a great way to use and show them off. The one from a child's eyeglass is so sweet. Happy day to you. Tammy


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