Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thoughts of Ending it! Help!

My blog that is. :)

Now that I have your attention, I really do need your help.  I'm in a quandry over what to do with my blog.  I know that I have quite a few folks signed up as followers, the number goes up and then it goes down, but I don't know if there are many that truly follow.  It really doesn't show by the number of comments. And if I see that Follower number go down, I start wondering why.  Did I offend someone?  Did they decide my blog wasn't worth following?  I try to tell myself they were just trying to simplfy their life by eliminating distractions. But I'm still full of doubts and questions.

I make maintaining my blog such a hassle for myself because I'm such a perfectionist.  My husband has another title for me; OCD.  I admit, I can obsess over even the little things.  Especially the little things!  Thus, I sometimes will spend 2-3 hours making one post.  Then other times, I make a post in less than ten minutes. And usually the ten minute post is more me.  I often feel guilty if I go a while between posts.  Or maybe I'm more scared if I have a long break.  Scared I'll lose a Follower. Again, I'm thinking of those followers. I keep trying to remind myself that I started the blog for me, not so that I would have followers. 

Because of all of the above, I'm rethinking my blog and asking myself questions while trying to sort it out.

Should I:

  • Hide my blog from the world and keep it privately just for me?
  • Take away the Followers option so that I won't even see the number?
  • End the blog completely?
Here's where your help comes in.  I would love to hear what you think about my blog.  If you come by regularly, may I say, "Thank you!" and ask what keeps you coming back?  If this is your first visit, I would love to hear your opinion too.  How did you find me, and do you think you'll come back?

Here's my plan right now based on feedback from all of you:
  • Plan A:  If a few faithful readers want me to keep it up, I will do so, but with a few minor changes (for me :).
  • Plan B:  If no one is really reading my blog, or cares if it disappears, I will just keep it as my own private online journal.

While making my final decision, I will keep in mind these words of the late, wise Mr Fred Rogers:

You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you have to make choices.  And hopefully your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are.

    Thanks for your help!


  1. I love your blog and check it regularly! I came across it by accident, don't even remember how but I keep coming back.

    Your blog is always so cheery and positive. I leave it feeling encouraged and inspired to do more crafty and fun things around my house! :)

    I don't expect you to blog every day but I do check it regularly to see if you have.

    Please keep it up! I need my valentine fix. :)

  2. Hi there,

    I have your blog bookmarked and check it at least once a week. I enjoy reading it and am totally jealous that you get to spend so much time in your lovely home!

    It is fun to see your activities and projects. A glimpse of a simpler, yet really happy life is comforting!

  3. I love your blog..look at it most every day.
    My computer is OLD! and sometimes I do not comment on everything , but still read it.Sometimes I get comments on my blog, and sometimes not..but I have family and friends from other states, and people from church that tell me they look every day and never comment.My advice to you would be to keep going for awhile.
    You never know who might get a lift from seeing your words!

  4. Oh, please don't stop writing. I enjoy your blog, even if I am just a lurker. My life is full and I feel guilty spending so much time on the computer, but your blog is saved in my feeds and I always read it when I see you have posted something new.

  5. I really enjoy your blog! I have you on my Google Reader so I see every post. Sometimes I don't comment since I follow so many blog and for that I apologize. You can check Blooger Stats to see how many page views you get and that will give you a better idea of how many read your blog then the comments. I would hate to see you leave as long as YOU are enjoying blogging. Make it for you and not followers. Those who like who you are and what you do will follow. Take down the follower stat if it bugs you! I hope you find a path that makes you happy. Hugs, Linda

  6. I almost never comment on this blog or any others - I can barely read the ones I do and I always have my hands full with laundry or babies while I am reading. Yours is one of my favorites and it has inspired me in many ways. Thank you for that. I would be really sad if you stopped writing. I say ignore the stats and enjoy yourself without worrying about other people. You are definitely an inspiration and I hope you don't forget that.

  7. I am posting twice!! I just remembered reading somewhere (can't remember where ) that even though sometimes it looks like followers are gone,they have not canceled, they are really still there and just not showing up. I think it has something to do with blogger, or google.
    They are always changing things!!!
    Have a happy day!

  8. Oh, I think Linda and the others said it so well. You have a lovely blog that I enjoy. I'd love to comment on every post I read but I honestly don't have the time. It would take over my life.

    I have lost followers too (probably because I don't comment as often as I would like) but it isn't an issue. Since my blog is really for and about my family I can't imagine why anyone would be interested in reading it.

    Do your blog for YOU and do it how you like and as often as it works in your schedule. Enjoy it :)

    Kindly, Lorraine

  9. Hi Sherry! I think you think too much. :) Who cares about numbers or if folks come or go? If you enjoy blogging, then keep doing it. If it is a hassle and takes up too much time, then don't. I didn't think I would like blogging but it is 2 years later and I am hooked. I love the connections I have made with bloggers all over the world. There are those who come back day after day and some who only visit a few times. It's all good. I blog for myself and for those few who do return. People usually enjoy a blog because of the honesty behind the blogger. I enjoy your posts and positive spirit. And have you to thank for the 100s of peanut butter cookies I have made (and those who have been on the receiving end of them thank you too). HA! So keep doing what you are doing and don't worry about anyone or anything else. Take care and have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  10. Hi Sherry!

    I have never posted a comment anywhere in my life, but I found your blog through FlyLady (I think!). I have it bookmarked and I have to admit that I click on it every day! I am always so happy when I find that you have a new posting. Your photos are always so bright and cheerful and I admire your handiwork and your sweet way with words. HOWEVER, as much as I and others may enjoy your blog, you really must only continue to do it if it is enjoyable to YOU. Good luck! : )

  11. Sherry - just do what makes YOU happy dont worry about the followers. I like to read your blog cause it is such a happy upbeat one and we live in the same state!!! love ya pink lady!!!:)

  12. Sherry, come to my last post ?. I have some pretty good answers to your ?.
    I just came upon your blog, and I do enjoy it, would hate to see you go. I would GET RID OF THE BUTTON.
    I'm going to. I don't pay attention to it really, but being new to blogger instead of my iweb blog, I was curious why?????
    I have a good friend that got so wrapped up in her blog she lost sleep over it, really, she finally closed it down and starting one that was for her, and I love the real her.
    So if you enjoy it keep it. If it stresses you out start another. We will find you : )

  13. keep it. I read it, but don't always comment.
    For instance, your fireplace post became part of the conversation with my husband and FIL a few weeks later. We were discussing a wood stove insert for the fireplace. ;)

  14. I come to your blog because I like you, Sherry! ♥ I want you to be happy though- so you should only blog if you REALLY want to. If it's a duty thing then all the fun will go out of it.

    You have me thinking twice about following blogs... I found recently that I was following over 100 blogs and I was missing updates from those I had really become friends with so I went through and deleted a bunch of blogs. I don't notice my blog follower numbers so didn't figure they would either. I have actually wished I could just delete them all and start over- make an announcement on my blog about it, too. Now I'm realizing that I probably hurt a bunch of girls' feelings! Ooops!

  15. I think the same thing about my blog too!!
    I am a follower of yours and look forward to your posts. I go way too long between posts on my blog too, becausee I just think of anything fascinating to write!!!
    I'm just a stay at home!!
    I love your blog and hope you keep it!!!

  16. Please don't stop!! This is the only way I can keep up (visually) with what you're doing! I love seeing my childhood home and the changes you make to it. I feel like I've spent time with my mother when I read your blogs. I literally hear your voice saying these things, and it makes my smile :) You're an inspiration to me! I love you!


  17. I love your blog even though I've never commented before. I'm just not the type to comment on blogs even though I faithfully follow several, including this one.

    As long as blogging is satisfying for you, keep doing it. If you do decide to stop, don't feel guilty about it. You don't "owe" us anything. :-)

    I wonder how many "invisible" readers like me you have out there?

  18. Oh please keep it up! I just recently found you through Misses Smarty Pants. I love how you make "home" with fabric and elbow grease! I have quit reading so many blogs because they make me discontent- I can't gut my house! I don't usually subscribe to blogs because crazy as it sounds I get overwhelmed with them in my inbox. I have commented once before- I live in Rome. I will be happy to subscribe though if that will help you make your decision. : ) Angela

  19. Sherry, I'm the ultimate stalker when it comes to blogs. I rarely post but just know that I have read EVERY WORD you have ever written and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I've even taken notes on occasion. The only thing better is actually being with you!

  20. I read your blog all the time. We are actually friends, but our park days are over now that our "co-salutarians" are college students! I enjoy coming and reading your blog when I have had one of those days at work. It seems to make my day more simple too. I would love for you to keep it going, just stop looking at those followers!

  21. thanks for following me, I am so much like you I too worry about my blog and losing and gaining followers. Sometimes I which I didnt have the follow thingy.dont go cause I would miss all your exciting stuff that I haven't read yet.and with the piggys on the top of your blog you have to be a great lady., love from Glenda

  22. I agree with Dawn, I come here everyday, but if it's a burden to you Stop, I'll miss you..

  23. I came to your blog when Miss Smartypants asked for people to show how they've arranged their closets. I loved reading and re-reading that one post. But then I searched through to see older posts. I love that you care about homemaking. The simple everyday aspects of it and enjoying the work. You always make me feel so happy and ENCOURAGED. Thanks for that. So much of my homemaking life (25+ years)has been spent just putting one foot in front of the other and not treasuring the moment! My kids are grown and my husband is retired and now I care for my grand-daughter, but I can actually enjoy things more. I have you bookmarked and yours is a 'sticky' site. I read a few blogs to reward myself and yours is truly mind-candy!
    Love Rita

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  25. I don't even know what it is to be a "follower". I just know that I have you bookmarked and check in at least weekly. I found you (I think) when I was looking for pastor's wives. I follow too many blogs to comment often.
    Love your colorful posts and you make me wish for a simpler life but I'm always cheered after reading your posts.

  26. Hey there,

    I've been a follower of your blog for awhile, but I am guilty of not coming by often. I am sorry about that. I have bookmarked your blog though, so I will be by more often.

    This post hit home for me as I think many of us feel that way at some point in our blogging career. Are we reaching anyone? Does anyone even care what we have written?

    One weekend I visited a few 'big' blogs to see how they did it. How do they keep people coming back? I realized that the one thing all 'big' bloggers do is engage with others. They are always commenting on other blogs, chatting on Facebook and Twitter etc.

    The question to you now is what is the reason behind your blogging? Do you want to reach a lot of people or do you want to record your thoughts like a personal journal? Or both? The answer will tell you what you need to do.

    If it's the former...You have all the right ingredients for a GREAT blog. Your posts are interesting and lets get it out there for others to see.

    Do you have Facebook or Twitter? Consider sharing your posts on those sites. Sometimes it's just that people are not aware that a new post is up to read and comment on...letting them know with a FB or Twitter update is great.

    I like this blog. I think it is write from your heart, which is what I can relate too. I like posts that show emotions behind it. Yours is wonderful. Keep it up! I don't think you should close it...if it keeps you happy and brings you joy then continue with it.

    As for the followers list...don't pay it too much attention. People come and go always...they find something different, or like something different. Their tastes fluctuate...people are not constant at all. But that's okay, you'll always get new people coming by to replace them. :) I'm here for good I've replaced someone who left. :)

    Feel free to email me...I'm always happy to help in anyway that I can.



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