Thursday, June 9, 2011

More of My Colored Pencil Drawings

I finished up my colored pencil art lessons book!


...I guess I should say...

...that I finished up with the lessons that I liked best.

I skipped a few that weren't my style of drawing. I thought about going back to my least favorite lessons later but I'd renewed the book to the limit, six weeks!

So I had to take it back to the library today. It was due yesterday but the library gives one day of grace.

Grace is such a wonderful gift!

I highly recommend this little book if you're interested in drawing with colored pencils.

Colored Pencil by Eileen Sorg

Our temperatures are up, up, up, so I get up early and get all my outside work done, including my walk, before the heat hits.  After that I come inside, finish my household chores, then I have the afternoon to play away until it's time to cook supper.  What's play?  Artwork, sewing, reading, napping... It's all good! :)


  1. Super drawings. The little gnome dude is so, so cute! You are very talented, SHerry. I need to get this book because I desperately need to practice drawing.

  2. Love ALL your beautiful drawings, Sherry, and getting a real kick out of them! LOVE that sweet little gnome, and that frog!!!... The heat's been a real doozy where we're at too mid-90s, but with humidity feeling more like 100! By tomorrow, it's supposed to start cooling down again, but fine thing THAT is!!! We were hoping to go to Dear Daughter's pool then, but NOW it will be too cold! (sigh)... Oh well, you keep cool as best you can, and I'll try to do the same! Have a good day whatever you do! ~tina

  3. The drawings are all do great work! I like the pink flamingo!
    I enjoy seeing your posts.

  4. You learned well and applied what you were taught. These are great pieces of art.

  5. Hi Sherry, your drawings are so wonderfully detailed and lovely. You should make small notecards with some original designs of flowers and animals and such -- what a pretty little set you could make with your talents. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  6. Sherry, you are SO good. With everything else you do, you have time to colour? I used to love to colour as a child. I would outline everything first in primary colours, then softly colour the insides. Wow memories.
    That's what it's all about.
    Are you wondering why I spell "colour" like that? It's a Canadian thing ; )
    P.S. LOVE the gum-ball one the best.
    5 cents please!!


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