Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day !!!

This Valentine's Day finds me thinking of my Blog friends.  So I just wanted to drop by, say "Hi," and tell you that I miss you all! 

Things are fine and dandy here.  Daffodils are blooming, we've had some spring-like days, and I've been busy.  I wish I could post pictures of some of the things making me happy, especially since my sweet hubby finally let me have my cabinets painted.  That's something I've wanted to do for years.  (You can read about it here.)  They are now a soft, buttery, creamy yellow.  It makes me so happy to turn on the light in my kitchen every morning and be surrounded with their soft glow.

I've been enjoying my winter days sewing, reading, playing the piano, relearning to play a recorder, working jigsaw puzzles, playing with grandbabies, eating out with friends,  and learning to share my days with my now retired hubby.

And how are you?  I stop by some of your blogs and check in every once and while.  It makes me sad to see other blogs silent for so long.  Like mine has been.  I miss my friends.  I hope you'll stop and chat a minute.  Let me know if your blog is still active.  I'd like to come visit.

As I've mentioned before, our s-l-o-w (think back to dial-up slow) internet service is what keeps me from posting, and most especially from uploading pictures.  Right now in our rural area, we only have two choices of internet service (AT&T's DSL Lite, and satellite), and neither works well.  But I keep hoping one day we'll have a better option.  And once we do, I'll be back!  Until then, if I find out any of my Blog friends are still around, I'll at least post an update occasionally just to keep in touch.

Until later:
Happy Valentine's Day
A Happy Valentine !


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Please let me Re-Introduce Myself

I want to thank Dawn, Mary, and Santie for their comments on the post I made yesterday.  Wow, ladies, you have given me so much to think about for the future of my blog!  I took notes and plan on incorporating your suggestions for posting topics.  I am always so amazed to find out that anyone could honestly be interested in my common, every day life.  But thank you so much to everyone that reads my posts and especially for the ones taking time out of your busy life to leave me a comment.  You are all such an encouragement!

So, taking a cue from Dawn, I will try to re-introduce myself.  I don't know of anything I can say that I haven't already said and I don't want to overwhelm and bore you, so I'll start small.
As T.S. Eliot said, Home is Where One Starts From.
So that is where I'll start:

 I feel like our home should have a name because it is such a big part of our lives.  It definitely has a personality.  It is the background for most of our family pictures and many, many of our memories.  While in our twenties, our house was built by my husband and his dad on land that was gifted to us from my husband's parents.  Many friends helped out with the building of our house with FREE labor.  So you see, our home is truly a Labor of Love.

We have lived in this blessed home in the appropriately named community of Pleasant Valley for 31 years.
Click here to read the story of our home's cross.


A clue to some of our hobbies can be seen peeking out of the woods to the side of our home.
Hubbie's Tractor
My Greenhouse

Our vacation home on wheels

 Our yard is patrolled and protected by two fearless pets.  LOL  :)

Chocolate Chip

Oops, the tractor going down the road grabbed Chip's attention.

Maggie is camera-shy today.
I think she might be embarrassed about the new haircut she got.
She has to be sheared like a sheep in the summer, otherwise she would be one Hot Dog.

Our back yard is my on-going project.
I've brought down my garden size to these three little spots and love concentrating my efforts on them.  They're a lot easier to care for than the huge plot Hubby used to dig up for us to plant and for me to tend.  :)

Hannah and Noah, our two oldest grandchildren, ages 3 and 2, helped me plant the vegetable seeds in my Square-Foot garden.  And, as you can see by the bean blooms, they have both have green thumbs.

I'm glad I made these pictures today because I didn't know I already have jalapenos almost big enough to pick! 

I've got summer squash plants, a large oregano plant and tomato plants on the other side of the yard.

 And last but not least, in the middle of the back yard is a little flower garden that is purely for eye candy. 
No vegetables are found here.
This is the spot I see out my kitchen window while washing dishes, so I keep it happy and cheerful.

That's the end of my outdoor tour.
I'll save the inside for another day.
Hope you'll come back soon!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why I haven't been blogging much and how I hope to remedy that

Whew, quite a long title, huh? 

I've been missing blogging so much but for several reasons, just can't seem to get started back regularly.
I've decided to list those reasons and do what I need to do to get past them and back to blogging, because I miss my blogging friends so much!

Reasons for not blogging regularly:
  1. extremely slooooooow internet service (shame on you AT&T)
  2. takes too long to find the "perfect" graphics for my posts
  3. feel like my mundane life to too boring for anyone to really want to read about
  4. lastly; guilt because I don't get around to visiting everyone else's blog that visits mine
So, here's the plan:
  1. open only one browser window at a time (when possible) while making my posts
  2. forget about perfectionism, it stagnates creativity in too many areas of my life
  3. go back to my original purpose for blogging; more of a diary for me that I enjoy sharing with others
  4. return blog visits when I can, but leave a reply in my blog's comment section when someone honors me with a comment
I truly think I can get back to blogging if I stick to this plan.
I'm printing it out right now so that I won't forget and slip back into my "perfectionisms."

Thanks for reading my ramblings.  I hope you'll come back often!  


Friday, April 22, 2016

Garden dreaming

I'm up early this morning with my garden gloves on and ready to get started!  Well, kinda, sortof...


Oh, no,
It's raining!!!
I do so want to update my late winter/early spring backyard garden.
This is what it looks like right now. 

The Dianthus plants (pink and white flowers on the left) are putting on a beautiful show right now.
They really like to show off in early spring and again in early fall  here in my little backyard garden patch.
And the Pansies have been such a happy sight for me all winter, but their season is almost over.
They love Alabama's Fall, Winter, and early Spring seasons, but those cute little faces can't take the heat when it gets here.
I love to keep this little flower bed cheery and upbeat year around because this is what I gaze at outside my kitchen window,
Lucky me!
It even makes dishwashing a happy task.
But, it's okay that I can't work at my garden quite yet.
I can plan, plan, plan it.
And dream, dream, dream about what I want it to look like while I:
clean bathrooms
do the laundry
and cook for tomorrow's family reunion
And who knows, the sun may peek out in a little while.
And if it does, I'll head out to the plant nursery and pick out some cheery blooms to liven up my backyard.
How about you, what's the view outside your kitchen window right now?
I'd love to take a peek.  :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy Happy March!

It is the first mild day of March.
Each minute sweeter than before...
There is blessing in the air...
                                                                                                             ~~~ William Wordsworth

I love a new month.  Turning that calendar page to a fresh beginning gives me so much pleasure. 
March came in like a lamb for us here in North Alabama today. The day may go out like a lion because thunderstorms are expected later on today, but I plan on enjoying it while the beautiful sunshine lasts. 
 I had lots of company while I weeded around my happy-faced Pansies and pruned back some summer blooming bushes.  Cheery little leaves were dancing all around me in the spring-like breeze. 

The birds were twittering in the nearby trees, just waiting on me to go inside so they could visit their feeder.  Spring is trying her best to put in a showy appearance in our yard.  And she's doing a pretty good job of it.  It's hard to capture a good picture of flowers that are waving around in the breeze, but I did my best.

I have plans for March...Fun plans!
Maybe I need to tell you my plans just in case I get too busy and forget some of them.  I want you to hold me responsible.  I'll try my best to come back with pictures to prove that I did indeed follow through with them.
  • fly a kite
  • sew up the projects I told you about in my last post
  • make more Blog posts
  • sing a song every day
  • smile a smile every day
  • play a tune on my piano almost every day
  • do something nice for someone every day
Okay, your turn.  Do you have any fun plans for this brand new month?  I'd love to hear about them!