Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do You Blog Even When You're Uninspired?

I don't usually, but I am today.  I seem to be in a slump lately. My passion for homemaking and my hobbies seems to be in hiding right now.  I know what you're probably thinking, but it's not depression.  I still have that joy deep inside. 
I think I know what my problem is, and I'll whisper it to you ~ it's hormones. 
Shh! Don't tell anyone, they might think I'm not perfect.

Anyway, while I find my balance, I'll enjoy the simple pleasures of life; a beautiful new season wrapped in my sweet hubby's arms.

I'll treat myself to some (very little) of my long forgotten pleasures.
I've been craving some, and finally gave in. :)

And I'll enjoy time out with my friends.

Would you like to join "The Hormone Club?"


  1. Sometimes, posting inspires me when I had not been!

    I had a hellish hormonal winter but seem to be getting the hang of this mennopause thing now! Hang in there. I couldn't live without natural progesterone cream! ♥

  2. Sherry I so understand! Been there and now I'm much better! Still I can get inspired just relaxing and letting life come as it will!
    hugs, Linda

  3. Oh, Sherry, my hormones and I are enemies right now:( I know what you mean, some days I have it and some days I don't. We will get through this time and be better than ever! Let's enjoy our days anyway! Twyla

  4. Sign me up! I always thought it was God's little joke that when my daughter was coming into her hormones that I was starting to go out! Love the man that stays around for that! Heehee! Angela

  5. I've been feeling like that a lot lately and have been a member of the hormone club for many years now. There are days when I am on a high and feel I can accomplish anything and then those days come along when I can't muster the desire to do much at all. When I have too many days like that, a cycle begins and then I feel overwhelmed with all that needs to be done -- like cleaning. Ugh! Oh well! Every week is a chance to get back on track. That's what I tell myself. Have a fab Friday. Tammy

  6. Oh, that did make me laugh, you 'whispering' hormones.
    I had hrt, they had to take me off it kicking and screaming.
    I try and blog daily why not spread your boredom around. Blogging and trying to make the mundane interesting and humorous - well - beats the hormones into submission.

  7. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Yes, this was CC's very favorite thing. I still think of her and especially when anything with SBS on it appears. I miss her very much.

  8. I'm not going to whisper that one. I'd join your club in a hot flash minute.
    Lying here with mom listening to her every breath. Hospice is BEAUTIFUL. comforting, kind, quiet, a blessing at this time.
    It's only a matter of hrs now.
    Take care my friend. And it's ok to not feel " perfect".
    Love Claudie

  9. Oh I don't have that-but I sure do blog when I'm down. Can't seem to get inspired or in the mood for anything lately. At least you've got some great support!

  10. Oh I don't have that-but I sure do blog when I'm down. Can't seem to get inspired or in the mood for anything lately. At least you've got some great support!

  11. Oh yes! I think Imight be a charter member! :-) Isn't it nice to know that so many others often feel the way we do!?

  12. Ha ha ha! I think that's it and thank you for reminding me how delicious Crunch and Munch is! I must buy some today and eat it JUST today, like you suggest! It's hard to be patient with our hormonal self, isn't it?


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