Monday, January 9, 2012

Too much time on my hands maybe?

During the holidays
I didn't:

Do any painting

or stitching

or drawing, but

I did a lot of cooking, and eating, and
my family and I worked several jigsaw puzzles!
I'm thinking maybe too many.
When I look in the mirror now I look kind of funny.

I hope to be back to normal soon because I have a grand idea for my very first linky party!
Whimsy and I will work on the idea and unveil it soon!
Maybe as early as Friday!!!

Edited to add:
I had fun making these pictures by playing around with a couple of free on-line photo editing sites and using the handiest photo I had to edit ~ my profile picture. (Here are the sites in case you want to try them:

Sorry you were offended, Anonymous (see comments).


  1. Two minds think alike.. I did some like this for my kids and I alsp took the picture of my brother front steps and prch with flowers and did a cross stich... Fun to do !!!

  2. What an adorable post, Sherry! :D You are such a tease...I can't wait to hear your idea for your first linky party!

  3. Well then, that sounds like the perfect way to enjoy the holidays! BTW, love your new blog banner ~ is that your clotheline? Love!


  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Friends!

    Elaine, did you make a real cross stitch or was yours done through photo editing like mine? I'd love to see it!

    Ricki Jill, be sure to come back by on Friday. I hope to get the linky up by then!

    Cindy, that IS my clothesline and it gets quite a bit of use!


  5. How did you do that? Sandie

  6. Did you say party? I am ready! I am so easily distracted. You know how I like parties.

  7. Well you obviously like yourself!
    A photograph, a painting, a stitching, a drawing, a jigsaw - looks like a bad case of vanity to me.

  8. Sandie, I added the info in my post with the links for the photo editing sites I used.

    Anonymous, I'm sorry you were offended by this. It was all done in fun. ~ Sherry

  9. I think your anonymous may well be the same one I had, I made the mistake of publishing the comment and it got worse. Sorry if she got to you through me. Check out mine 31st Jan I think then there was another....
    Sad lives some people lead.
    Yours however is fun and I love it.

  10. I loved the drawing effect ... seems so natural.
    Warmest regards,

  11. Oh, Sherry! Those photos are so fun!
    I've messed around with Photofunia. I made myself into a hockey player there!
    You're the cutest! I'm excited to find out about your linky idea!

  12. Loved this creative post! What fun! Can't wait to see your linky project.

  13. These are so awesome! I can't wait until my husband wakes up so I can show him your post ;) I see you've got an anonymous discourager...did you know that you can change your blogger settings to only allow posts by people with enough integrity to leave a link back to their info? Let me know if you need help with changing that setting.

    Have a lovely day!



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