Monday, March 5, 2012

A Model I'll never be

Why do I love following fashion blogs?
I love seeing what other women wear.
Not the In Style type of blogs, but the down-to-earth, every day blog of the common woman (if there is such a thing as a common woman).
(My style is skirts and cardigans for the winter/fall and skirts and knit tops for spring/summer.)
I love looking girly but I also love being comfortable and to me, skirts are more comfortable than pants.

At times other blogs give me a case of the "I wants."
They make me yearn for a cute outfit just like they're wearing.
Then I got to looking in my closet and know what I found?
A closet full of clothes that I would be longing for if I saw someone else modeling them.

I had the great idea that if I had pictures of my own clothes put together in actual outfits, then maybe I would appreciate what I have instead of wanting more.
So then I started wishing for a camera with a timer so I could make pictures of my own outfits.

After getting my son to snap my picture this morning I told him about my desire for a camera with a timer and he showed me that MY camera does indeed have a timer.
He even took the time to show me how to use it.
Sweet son.

So here's my outfit of the day (sans makeup). 
Remember when he snapped my picture it was early and it was windy and cold .
I know, excuses, right?

Sweater~The Limited (thrifted)
Camisole (Walmart, in the lingerie dept.)
Skirt~handmade by me
Shoes~I Love Comfort (Sears)
Necklace~ $3.90! (Body Shop)
Purse~handmade by someone else (thrifted, 50 cents)

I've finished my second cup of coffee while sitting here in front of my computer so now I'm getting up to finish my Monday morning household chores.  Then I'll make out my menu and head out to the grocery store (after I apply a little makeup). 

Maybe I'll have time to practice with my camera and tripod this afternoon.
I'd love to master the art of homemade fashion photography.

Want to join me?
I'd love to see what you're wearing today.
Leave me a link and I'll come take a peek.

Easter Chick Clip Art

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  1. Oh, Sherry!I think you look great! I've found things in my closet that I've overlooked or stored away since I started blogging. It also made me clean and organize the closet which I would not have done under the normal circumstances...
    I hope you keep it up...can't wait to see how you do with the camera timer!

  2. Love that outfit on you very chic and look comfy.


  3. You look very nice in your outfit. I know exactly what you mean about the "wants". I have to curb myself sometimes. It is a lot of fun to view real style on all the blogs, much better than in magazines.

  4. I really like what you wrote, Sherry, about appreciating what's in our closets. Your outfit is very pretty, and put together so thriftily! Thanks for sharing your post with Visible Monday.

  5. Right - I am off into my wardrobe (closet) right now. Want to feel like a new woman!

  6. Welcome to style blogging!! You look awesome!!!

  7. that skirts looks so lovely on you...

  8. Sherry, you dress like me! Each item from a different place! I have many thrifted items in my wardrobe that I am very proud of and love. Wal Mart is another source for my clothes, especially the clearance racks. You look so put together. I think you look great! Have a happy day! Twyla

  9. You are so true! If we saw our wardrobe on someone else, we would want it! What a lovely way to look at it! Did you go for the 2nd SAturday like me?!

  10. Oh, I love that outfit! So cute! I absolutely agree with you about a) appreciating real outfits on real women, and b) shopping your own closet. (And oh, do I wish I could look that good with no makeup...)

  11. Sherry you look adorable! Angela

  12. You look so elegant. :)

  13. Hi Sherry! You're a cutie pie and I love your outfit! Let's see. I haven't decided what to wear today, but I'll think about it now.

  14. This just goes to show that often we have just what we need if we just look around a little bit! :) Here's a post I did about an outfit I put together. Have a great day!


  15. You have an amazing figure! Cute skirt and cardi.

  16. I totally relate to this post! I just love seeing what everyone else is wearing! My closet is also full and I'm really trying to appreciate what's already in there. My blog is my main tool to do that. I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll at least check out my blog! Thanks!


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