Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in our part of Alabama.
I'm dressed and ready for church.
I didn't want to pull out the tripod and make my own picture so sweet hubby lent a hand with the camera this morning.
Please excuse my silliness.

Blouse ~ thrifted
Skirt ~ handmade by me

pendant ~ bought from a flea market for $1 

Purse ~ Sasha from Burke's Outlet
My very first Etsy purchase!

Salvatore Ferragamo Vintage shoes

They are so buttery soft and comfortable.

I bought them from a very sweet lady named Nancy.
She is a great seller and I love the shoes!
Here's the link to Nancy's Etsy shop.

Now sweet hubby and I are headed out for Sunday morning worship at our little church.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday.

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  1. Love the little $1 pendant with the touches of red to match your lovely new shoes.

  2. Cute! Everyone needs a pair of red shoes. I have some ruby slippers.

  3. Love the outfit and the shoes are AWESOME!!!

  4. I really like your red shoes, Sherry - congrats on your first Etsy find! Thanks for sharing your outfit with Visible Monday, you look great!

  5. Would you come live with me please?? I need someone who can make skirts like this and could really use a white one! You are so smart to be a seamstress and I love the fit of your blouse! Great job and perfect for least in Texas it is perfect! Blessings:)

  6. Never apologize for your 'silliness'. Your joy of life is one of the reasons I read your blog regularly:) Those red shoes are lovely, and I addore your handbag!

  7. The red shoes are the perfect touch to a lovely outfit.

  8. Love the photos Sherry!
    Pop of red is perfect with you white skirt! Your hubby did a great job!


  9. Enjoyed reading this one and as always you look so graceful.


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