Friday, July 20, 2012

Homemade Face Powder

I accidentally found the perfect face powder for me when I wasn't even looking!

I found the idea on the internet (of course) for dry shampoo for dark hair and mixed it up immediately.
It was suggested to use a cosmetic brush to apply the shampoo to the hair roots.

I got to looking at my new concoction and thought, "Hm, that looks like it might be the color I need, and can never find, for my face powder."
So, of course I tried it and I fell immediately in love!

Want to hear the complicated directions and exotic ingredients of this miracle face powder?

Cocoa powder

That's it!
I mixed half and half for mine and the color is perfect for me.
 And I can lighten it up in the winter when my summer tan fades by just adding a little more cornstarch and stirring it in.

It's also the best smelling powder I've ever had.
Who doesn't like a light chocolate smell?
(It goes great with my vanilla extract perfume.  : )

Here's a close-up look.
It looks a little dark in the picture but this a rainy day and I couldn't get the light just right.

My simple skin care routine is:
Wash my face at night in the shower with a washcloth and just warm water.
That's right, no soap.  It seems that any soap dries out my over 50 skin.
Then I pat it dry.

If it ever feels a little dry I smooth on a little dot of coconut oil, only on the dry spots.
Then in the morning I splash my face with cool water, pat dry and brush on my cocoa face powder.

Lastly, I follow up with a little rub of coconut oil on my cheeks and lips for a healthy shine.

I keep coconut oil in a little recycled glass container on the shelf in the medicine cabinet.
It's not only good for cheeks and lips, but also as a body lotion.

So there you have it.
Life can be simple
Life is good!

P.S.  I tried the face powder (as intended) for dry shampoo once and it worked great for that too!

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  1. Thanks Darla. Please let me know if you try it. :)

  2. Wow, cornstarch I would have guessed, but cocoa powder? Nifty! I don't use anything buy Ivory soap on my face, no makeup or creams. Don't use powder other than baby powder either... I like things simple too!

    I really do need conditioner on my hair - it's past my hips and curly so without it I'd be a tangled mess - lol!


  3. Thanks for sharing this simple beauty tip:). My skin is over 50 also and I can really use lots of help! Enjoy your weekend dear friend! Hugs

  4. I have thought about using rice powder for my sensitive skin. I am too fair for anything that has cocoa powder in it!

  5. Perfect! Remember when chocolate was a big no no for faces (because we liked to eat Snickers bars!)

  6. Sherry, I just love your ideas! This one is just genious! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  7. ooooo I like this idea!!!thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Oh how cool, never thought it would be so simple. I love how the rest of your skin care used natural things :)

  9. Well whatdya know! Thanks for sharing:)


  10. very nice article.. thank to share..

  11. Missing you Sherry! Hope you are well! Angela

  12. What a cool idea and a great money saver! WOW!! The price of dry shampoo at Sephora made me weak at the knees!! :)


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