Friday, September 7, 2012

It'll Curl Your Hair!

I've always wanted curly hair.
I got many home perms while growing up, always dreaming of soft, flowing waves.
But what did I end up with? Little ringlets that curled up tightly around my already too round face.
Perm curlers from Etsy shop

Scene from I Love Lucy

 I often slept in little rubber curlers like the ones below, only to wake up to those dreaded ringlets again.

Image from Taste-T-Vintage
For some reason I never got the hang of the curlers with snap-on covers (below).
The covers always left dents in my hair.

taste t vintage

There are so many new options for curlers tempting me these days.
Amazon has dozens of styles.  Here are some of my favorites.
Have you tried any of these?

 The hearts are my personal favorites.

Who knew curlers could even help with arthritis pain?
Here's a tip from WebMD:
Help at Your Fingertips
Pushing microwave buttons, brushing your teeth, and even eating can be tough if you have osteoarthritis in your fingers. Try these DIY solutions: Slide cylindrical foam over your fork or toothbrush for an easier grip. (Large sponge hair rollers can be perfect.) Put a rubber stopper on the end of a ruler or a dowel. Use it to push microwave, television, and other buttons.

I've lately made my own curlers using this tutorial.
But I can't get my hair to stay wrapped around the cloth.
Maybe when it gets a little longer it'll work?
They're too cute to hide away until I can use them though.
I'm thinking of displaying them in a little basket on our bedroom dresser.
And, last but not least, my latest find in curlers.
Self-stay rollers from the Dollar Tree!
They are the easiest curlers I've ever used.
No clamps, pins, or ties.
Just roll up my hair and press down to make them stay.
It took 43 of these little cuties to get my thick hair all rolled up.
And when I took it down?
Well, let's just say I can now identify with Frieda.
Boo hoo.
 I'm joining in with my friends for Pink Saturday this week.


  1. Hi Sherry! I want to see your super curly hair!

  2. Sorry Pom Pom, I immediately washed them down the drain. :)

  3. My experience with perms to get curly hair led to a Rosana Rosanadana moment right before a wedding. Never again.

  4. I used to curl my pin straight hair with those tip top curlers. I still have a bunch of them and have been thinking of trying them again.
    I now use the velcro rollers but don't get much curl from it. I will have to check out some of the other curlers you are showing. The heart ones are so cute!

  5. I think I still have ridges in my head from those bloody curlers.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    GIVEAWAY end 9/9

    TTFN ~

  6. My hair is too fine and thin to EVER have a perm again. Half my hair is still on the salon floor at JC Penney when they burned it off. It NEVER grew back. Now I baby what I do have and generally pull it up.

    I have nightmares from those hard rollers and the DENTS it left in my hard. BLAH!


  7. My mother has always wanted me to try these on. I have never found my guts to do so. May be someday.

  8. My Mom used those rubber ones on my hair when I was a little one and the brush ones I used as a teenager. I remember sleeping in the brush ones and having a sore head for the day.

  9. Oh that does remind me of Bad Hair Mistakes. My best was when I let a college friend perm my hair - and because it was very thick, she convinced me we needed TWO boxes of solution. I looked like Jimi Hendrix... till it all broke off and fell out...

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. It is crazy but I have allot of the rollers as we called them
    Happy PS

  11. Those are what I need for my daughter!

    PINK reminds is my entry.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. oh my, I remember most of those. This is such a cute Pink Saturday post!

  13. My hair would curl like crazy (emphasis on crAAAAzy) but wouldn't hold. My mom always thought that she should keep rollers in longer to fix that. It just made more craziness! Brush rollers make my scalp hurt just to look at them. LOVED your Pink Saturday post!

  14. A fun post! Oh gosh, I remember sleeping on those awful curlers, too! I haven't tried any of those new ones.

  15. Happy Pink Saturday, Sherry. Thank you for making Pink Saturdays special. I appreciate your friendship and support.♥

    Your post brought back memories for me. My mother wanted me to have curls, and she subjected me to many perms and curlers. That stopped as soon as I was in charge of me. Now, I just accept what I have. It is a lot less painful. lol

  16. I remember using most of those curlers when I was a tot:) My Mama always had us CURLED up for Church! Enjoy your Sunday dear friend, HUGS!

  17. Rollers!! All you left out were the Minute Maid cans, held in with bobby pins, which made your hair straight without ironing.

    A friend gave me a set of the browny-gray ones in my wedding present because I went to work the morning of our wedding with a headful of the pink ones. (My boss had an appointment to have HER hair done that morning).

  18. Love this post - it made me smile. I had naturally wavy hair anyhow and it drove me nuts, so I was usually trying to find a way to straighten it. These types of curlers did really work well to put a curl in, and I also ended up with ringlets. As a young child who was FOR SURE a tomboy, (sandwiched between two brothers and a neighborhood with about 20 boys and two girls) I would be horrified when my grandmother would put Dippity Do in my hair and wrap the strands around her fingers to make ringlets. I'm sure she thought it was cute, but I felt it was awful. When I got home I would wash it out before anyone could see me.
    I thought I was already following your blog but apparently I wasn't because it let me follow today . . . so I guess I'm your newest follower! So nice to meet you!

  19. Hi Sherry! I am sure your hair is wonderful. I have gotten a cut and my curls from a bottle since 1975 from a hairstylist (my Mom's friend) who does it every time. I only have to get it done once a year and it lasts for me. It goes from curly thru various stages of long curls to wavy. When curler curls in my hair ovenight don't last for a day..that's when I know it's time for a new do. Now, I don't get color..I figure I've earned the gray.HEHE

  20. My mother used to curl my tush length hair with rags. I looked like Buckwheat for the day, but when we undid the rags, the curls were wonderful.

    When I turned 40, I cut my hair short for the first time - just above my shoulder. As she was cutting it the hairdresser admonished me, you didn't tell me you had curly hair! Heck, I didn't know I did - but curls I had and I looked like Shirley Temple while I was regrowing!!!

    My hair is well past my tush again (I'm 50 now!) and although the Shirley Temple curls are gone, my hair is very, very wavy and the ends are curly! Weird, but it makes a nice ending for my usual braid : D



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