Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Deer Friend,

I've missed you but I'm back!  Sorry I've been gone so long but life's been busy and Blogger has been a pain.  (My last post waaaay back in February took three hours to load onto Blogger and who has time for that?)  As you can see in my picture above, we've been camping and met new friends.  This brave dearie came right up to our camper door and took bread out of my hand while her nine(!) friends were scattered shyly around our campsite waiting on her.
And another little Dear came to visit Mama Sherry too!

Sweet Hannah Joy sure knows how to liven up the place when she gets here.  We enjoyed a few days' visit with our daughter, her husband, and seven-month old grand daughter a couple of weeks ago.  The few short days zipped by way too fast! 

My next BIG project is VBS.
 I've got less than one month to put it together so I've got to get busy!

But for today, I'm taking my time.
I'm enjoying bringing order back into my home after our little vacation.
It brings peace to my heart.
I'm catching up on my laundry and I can even hang it out on the line this beautiful, sunny spring day!

Thank you for coming back for a visit after such a long break.
I hope your day is filled with love!

Love,  Sherry



  1. So glad you're back! Where did ya'll go camping? We have not been at all this year so far. : ( But we did spend 5 days with our 10 month granddaughter. Angela

    1. Angela, I'm not sure if you got my email, but thanks for stopping by! We camped at Guntersville, AL State Park. The park has been rebuilding since most of it was lost to the tornados two years ago. The park will be better than ever once the trees grow back.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ruby, I'm very happy to be back!

  3. Sherry, it's so good to see you here again! Glad you've been having a nice time. Hannah is a Joy! She looks precious!

  4. So nice to read your latest post and a special joy to see your adorable granddaughter!


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